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Does anyone know if at this time the replacement iphone 4s are brand new phones or refurb units? I bought a brand new one yesterday and noticed a yellow tint on the left side of the screen and dust in the front face camera. I am debating whether to return it or to go to the genius bar and have the possibility of getting a refurb unit. Has anyone gone to the genius bar in the last few days for a replacement ?

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    they usually give you a refurb. I personally prefer them bc they've been tested and checked by apple.
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    My replacement was refurb, but I can't tell the difference. looks perfect.
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    Yup, my replacement came in a black box (not a white one like the 3GS refurbs did).

    I can't tell the difference either.
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    #2 was a refurb that overheated an hour after Apple Genius dude gave it to me.
    #3 was brand new and I still have it. Called Apple and they mailed it to me.
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    I got mine replaced because of the gap and yellow tint, came in a black box but it was brand new out of the box.
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    When I bought 2 iPhone 4S Black, one of them had a yellow screen. Yesterday, I went to the Apple store and after opening and returning 3 iPhones, the 4th one was better. It does not have as cool a screen as that of my iPhone 4, but it is not very yellow.


    So I guess that majority of the iPhone 4S are goung to have warmer yellow screens. Apple should have asked both their screen manufacturers to have the same color temperature so that we do not have such issues.


    For those of you hoping that a firmware update would resolve this, please note that a firmware (iOS) update will not change the screen color temperature.


    Warmer yellow screens do not mean that they are defective. However for the record, I prefer cooler blue screens.

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    I called apple support on phone.  Lady said it's a known issue and I could have it replaced either by mail or go to apple store.  She made me a genius bar appointment.  Went to genius bar, showed the genius the yellow screen compared to his floor model.  These are black 4S's by the way.  He gave me the glue not dried crap really didn't even acknowledge this was a problem even tho apple support said it was a know issue.  These guys are playin dirty, beware.   I said why in the **** are you shipping units before the glue is dried.  Told him I was not happy and unsatisfied customer.  He said to go to verizon were i bought it and have it replaced.  Walked a few stores down, gave my story. He said you need to go to apple store to have that replaced.  OMG.  I about came unglued, said i just came from there.   Verizon said they were out of stock and it would be months before they got any.  He said, would you like me to walk you down to apple strore, i know the managers there.  I said H*** yes.  After they all whispered to each other, i point out the original guy who denied me replacement and verizon convinced apple to replace it.  talk about making a customer feel awkward and unappreciated, I spent $450 on this dang thing!!  Not a happy camper.  Apple said, I'll open one box only, if you like it it's yours, if you don't like it tough.  that's all we can do for you.  Luckily it looked whiter and not so dingy yellow.  after looking at so much text and different screens my vision and comare skills were shot, but i got lucky.  My new black 64GB 4S screen looks pretty normal now compared to my old iPhone4.  Now, it is not blue toned, it's neutral, the whites are white, and no overwhelming yellow temperature, but its not cool blue either.  I would say it's giving accurate colors now.  So disappointed in apple for putting all of us thru this.  Quality control is quickly becoming a thing of the past, RIP Steve.  Don't turn over in your grave too much.