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Sometimes after adding a new Note and it's saved, the note will disappear the next time when going into Notes?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    I am having the same problem with my iphone 4 ever since the 4.0.1 update... It is soooo frustrating and if you google this same subject it appears that others are having this same issue also. Hopefully there is a fix in the next update... for now I will not use my notes at all and maybe download another application instead
  • Joe Z in VA Level 2 (440 points)
    This is a known issue when it comes to failed server communication on more than one note account. If you have your notes server side and it fails to recognize a connection, it will revert to the previous note.

    The only workaround I know of is to disable OTA note syncing on any account other than your primary or be sure you save into local drive:
    * Settings
    * Mail
    * Account
    * Notes(OFF) except one or disable all
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    Nice. Now I know, after losing a lot of information. Sigh.
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    Hi, yes I too have "been there done that"" -> I now use Simple Notes..very cool App.....L
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    I don't use cellular data at all (it's off), I use WiFi exclusively. Might this be the problem?

    This only started happening after I upgraded my 3GS to IOS4 a few days ago. Before that I had no problems at all.

    If I Disable note syncing as you say, will I lose my existing notes or will they just stop syncing with Mail and remain on the phone (to be backed up)?
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    I DON'T have my notes synced to any of my email accounts and it STILL wiped out all of my notes. I was hoping there is some way to recover them. If not... well then I am once again bummed I bought this thing and got rid of my Blackberry as I NEVER had these issues with that phone =/
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    Look in your iPhone's email. My iPhone 4 created a "Notes" folder all on its own and they were all safely there. This was very good since I had some important info. I did not do anything to create this nor do I know why it happened. I'm just glad I found them. Hope this helps.

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    THIS MIGHT HELP WITH THE PROBLEM OF IPHONE/IPAD NOTES DISAPPEARING - I had this problem on both my iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 where all of my notes or part of them would disappear. Today I logged into my AOL email account online and I clicked on the NOTES folder and guess what? ALL OF MY LOST NOTES ARE THERE! Woo! Hoo! (spoken in the voice of Homer Simpson) Woo! Hoo! This might not be the case for you but check your email providers and your device to see if you are syncing to the NOTES folder with your email provider. I was so surprised when I found all of my lost notes in my AOL NOTES folder online. Goodness!

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    GracieGMG was right in my case - I opened my yahoo email on my phone and scrolled down and sure enough, there was a folder labeled "Notes" and there they were!  Funny, they weren't in my icloud account.


    Thanks for the info!

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    I was having the same or similar problem, with the added detail that it was when I synced my iPhone to my computer that a few of my Notes would revert to previous versions.


    I finally found what I think is a solution. On my Mac (OS 10.6.8), it turns out there were a few "sync conflicts". iTunes gave me no indication of this, but I noticed that there was an exclamation mark in the MobileMe Sync menu. This menu is found in the Finder at the top right, up near the volume icon and wifi strength indicator. The menu icon looks like two little arrows chasing each other in a circle.


    Opening up this menu and reviewing conflicts, I found that the notes that kept reverting on me were in conflict. In fact the newer version of the note with the extra info was still there, but I had to "choose" it as the default, and then select 'Continue'.


    After syncing again it now it seems that the Notes on my iPhone now contain the extra text that kept disappearing.


    I'm not sure how I developed these Sync conflicts in the first place, but thought I would post my story in the hopes it helps someone.


    (PS - I had already disabled Note syncing to any email accounts, so that was not my problem)

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    If you get an email copy of the note and delete it in your email, it will delete it off your iPhone simultaneously.

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    thanks GGMG


    i noticed my iphone 4 that i got in march has created a notes folder in the two gmail (personal and school) accounts that i have set up on the phone as exhange accounts. it did not create a notes folder in my true exchange (work) email.

    one 'missing' was in the school email, two others were in the personal email. weird.

    i just wish they would stay on the **** phone so i cound use them like real running lists.

    oh and notes are turned off in icloud.


    thoughts anyone?

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    When you write a note, the next time you sync with your computer it emails you that note. If you then delete that email, the next time it syncs it deletes the note from your Iphone.

    Try putting your notes into reminders

    Best of luck



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    Sometimes after adding a new Note and it's saved, the note will disappear the next time when going into Notes?

    iPhone 5, iOS 6



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