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I've had this problem occur before and sorted out the issue
by deleting the unsent text message but on this rare occasion I am unable to do so.

The problem occurred by an unsent MMS message I then tried to resent the message and now I have the red exclamation mark by the SMS logo.

Tried a hardware reset but the issue still persists. Do not want to do a restore as I do not want to sync everything again.

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    Sorry for solving my own problem may seem annoying posting like that.

    But some how the problem became fixed by going into airplane mode then out of it. Then after that my iPhone keeps having a red exclamation mark by an other text message which I try sending again but will not let me?
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    That red exclamation mark is from a failed sending of a picture or video. It has happened to me a few times and i've solved it by resending that message. Its nothing to worry about. It is just notifying you the picture didnt go through and you may want to try again.
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    Yeah but had the issue that once I clicked the resend button then the message would disappear and still the red exclamation mark would be there :s think it may be due to service drop outs randomly.
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    I experienced the same issue when attempting to send an SMS in Europe. Message eventually was sent, but mark remained displayed until I received an SMS.
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    In my personal experience, I've noticed that the iPhone won't send an MMS (big difference from SMS)if I'm on the Edge network as opposed to 3G. I'm sure there's a technical reason and corresponding doc that explains why this is, but that's what I've noticed. I get the little red exclamation point until my phone jumps back on 3G. After that they seem to send out just fine. I never have problems sending out SMS messages regardless of netowrk (unless there is none, of course).