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I was wondering, is it possible to connect my iPhone, using BT to my iMac? To make calls for example using the built-in microphone and speakers, typing text messages on screen and what not.

Is this possible and if so: how do I connect, because when I ask my iMac to connect, it wants to send a code to the iPhone, but the iPhone does not receive it for some reason.

Hopefully someone knows the answer thanks!

iMac 20 inch, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 3G iOS 4.0.0
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    Hrm... last post I wrote I said it was solved, but even though it connected, it also disconnected immediately and still doesn't work!

    Please, this is kind of bothering me and I remember I saw someone else having his phone connected to his macbook and making calls using the speakers and the microphone
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    Because I thought they might as well ask me:

    so why not ask it in the iMac-forums?

    since I want to connect both devices to eachother
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    I see, so you posted it in the Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard > Installation and Setup forums where it has nothing to do with your issue. Apparently it would make little difference whether you connect the iPhone to a MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or Imac. The issue or the commonality is the iPhone. So, it would make more sense to post in the iPhone forum. However, you do as you think best. It was only a suggestion.