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Does anyone know how to enable the Voicemail notifications?

I dont get any kind of notification - No red circle, no popup message, no text.

I did skip the voicemail setup when I first switched on the phone as I assumed I would be able to set it up later.

I have spoken to Vodafone and confirmed voicemail is setup correctly (was working on my previous phone) and voicemails are arriving - I just dont know when.

Vodafone seem to know very little about these handsets - Their solution was to send me a new iPhone for what I expect will almost certainly be a setting somewhere.

Anyone come across this?

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    Just got back from the ATT store in an attempt to correct this problem. THEY DID!!! The rep told me he changed the voicemail "package" on my account and then changed it back to whatever the standard iphone voicemail package is -- they should know what this means/entails -- and it magically fixed the problem.

    Hope this helps!