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I have been trying to use the web interface to Deltek Time & Expense on my new iPad. I can login using Safari or Atomic Web and it displays my timesheet but I haven't figured out how to scroll the days horizontally to show other days than Saturday. I asked my corporate IT department but they said ask Apple since it is not officially supported and is a personal machine. A picture of a screen shot is here:

http://lh6.ggpht.com/_HSXzM09p1AM/TGLhSbsOSMI/AAAAAAAAEpw/nXh0D9DberY/s800/Photo 142.jpg

I did learn how to do a print screen since the picture.


iPad 3G 64GB, Other OS, IOS 3.2.1
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    Try placing two fingers on the document and drag up or down to scroll.
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    Thanks for your reply. I can highlight the vertical separator with one finger but not 2 and cannot slide it from left to right to change the size of the 2 panes. Tried one finger and 2 fingers. Also tried the 2 fingers on the column for Saturday to try and scroll it to a different day.

    Note the vertical separator is darker on the printscreen here because it was highlighted. Ignore the pop-up box in the middle. It was an accident when trying to keep one finger on the separator to highlight while doing the print screen.

    http://lh5.ggpht.com/_HSXzM09p1AM/TGL9uTsVvVI/AAAAAAAAEqE/BjR1mrOJxfg/s640/photo .jpg
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    We had similar problems reported, but I tested this the other day on an iPad running version 4.3.

    I was able to add charge numbers, pay types and hours. It wasn't super clean, but all the functionality worked.

    Since this post is really old I figured it is OBE, but if you are new to Deltek Time & Expense and seeing similar problems you might find this post and think it can't be done. It can, but probably only with the most recent updates to the iPad.
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    at least you are able to log into DEltek, I can't log in at all.  can you share how you logged in?

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    You may try with Google Chrome browser. There are other problems, like having to scroll waaay down to get the scroll bar... but the basic functionality is better.