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My favorite videos on my YouTube was deleted when I restarted my phone after YouTube froze up. Has this happened to anyone else?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    yes it has happened to me too. First of all, it has happened before where I would go to my favorites and they would all be gone. So i simply reset my ipod and they would all return. BUT recently this happened and I tried to reset my ipod but they wouldn't come back! also when they were there (just before the problem) it would say "permission not aquired" or something like that so i could view any favorites. I still can't get anything back. but hey, I found I was able to do this without having or signing into a youtube account. Is is supposed to be that way? or was that just a glitch on my ipod that allowed my to do that. but anyway any help or explaination would be greatly appriciated from me and Andrewmcintire here.


    p.s this is using the built in youtube app, not from safari