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So I received my iPad for my birthday two days ago, and have really enjoyed using it as it came pre-charged with 93% battery life.

Now I'm down to 13% and it requires a charge. I plugged it in to the wall charger and it charged for a bit, getting to 23%, until I wanted to move the charging to another room. After that, it wouldn't work, it just would not charge.

It doesn't charge off of the USB ports of my laptop, but I know why that is, but I am on holiday now and need to be able to charge it, otherwise its a paperweight for the next two weeks.

I've tried changing the fuse, a cold reset, everything, but nothing worked. It just won't charge.


PC, Windows XP Pro
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    Does the socket you are plugging in the wall charger have power? Does a lamp or similar device work when plugged in?

    Is the connector securely plugged into the iPad? If you have a case that can interfere with a proper connection.

    When you plug the iPad into your computer does the computer recognize the iPad? If yes the iPad will should charge slowly when the iPad is sleeping. When awake it will not show charging.

    Do you have another charger like an iPhone charger to try? Do you have another cable to try? One from an iPhone or iPad will work.
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    try turning off your ipad, then plug it into the wall. If the ipad doesn't turn on it means the cord isn't the right one.

    You can also turn off your ipad and then plug it into your PC sometimes the battery just displays the wrong power amount.