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Hello all,

I know how to clear Safari's History, Cookies, and Cache in Settings.

My question is: *How do you clear cache from applications*.

Based on this article:

+http://www.storefrontbacktalk.com/securityfraud/iphone-payment-peril-mobile-mayh em-omen/+

I know the iPhone stores information typed into applications for up to one year. This could include credit card and other sensitive info. How do you clear the cache of applications?

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    How many 3rd party apps have you used and do you use that require entering credit card or bank account information?

    Any 3rd party app that I've used and regularly use includes an option to store my account's user name does not include the password, which must be manually entered. If such an app includes an option to save the password as well, I decline.
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    Hello, thanks for the response.

    Well, one app for example is Fandango. I have read that even if the password isn't saved in the app it is still "saved" in the cache. And my main concern is that the phone stores this typed information in its cache, wondering how if possible to clear the cache of the application.

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    You're welcome.

    Even if this were true - the password for an account that is checked/confirmed on a server and not saved with the app is being stored in the app's cache which I don't believe is true, how would someone be able to access the app's cache on your iPhone? Do you use the passcode lock feature?

    If your iPhone were lost or stolen, someone would need to know what they are doing to be able to access an app's cache, and I seriously doubt many would waste their time trying to do. The overwhelming majority of dishonest folks will be more interested in using the iPhone or selling it to someone else for profit.

    The iPhone makes use of what is called "sandboxing" with all 3rd party apps. All data created and stored by a 3rd party app is sandboxed in its own area on the device which no other apps have access to. All data created and stored by a 3rd party app is included with your iPhone's backup, which is updated by iTunes as the first step during the iTunes sync process. If you want to clear an app's cache, delete the app from your iPhone followed by syncing your iPhone with iTunes to update your iPhone's backup. Follow this by re-installing the app but you will need to re-enter the account's user name and password if needed and be right back where you started. There is no option to do this from the iPhone that I'm aware of and I think your effort to address this will provide you very little if any gain. Use the passcode lock feature on your iPhone to nothing can be accessed on your iPhone in the event your iPhone is lost or stolen.