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Cory Smith1 Level 1 (10 points)
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I've noticed a distinct increase in failure to obtain album artwork, and I can't peg what it is. I recently updated to 9.2.1, but can't remember if it started with that update, or just slightly before. Maybe few months now that I've really noticed. But the odd thing is, many of the albums are actually found in the iTunes store, so that doesn't seem to make sense. What prompted this topic is, tonight, I came home with 3 new albums and it failed to find artwork for all 3...not 1 was found. So, I checked, and all 3 are in the iTunes store. 2 of them may be on smaller labels, but one was the new Arcade Fire album which is on a substantial label and has sold tons, so I have no idea how it would be unable to find that artwork. Has anyone else noticed an increase in iTunes failure to obtain artwork? I've been an iTunes user for years and this behavior seems very, very recent. Not sure what's happening. Any clues?

iMac 20 : PB12 867, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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