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Hi All,

I seem to be having a problem with the Iphone os4 and a Cisco WLC 4404. It seems that when the Wireless network is setup for guest access that redirects the browser to a sign in page, the safari browser dies and the iphone drops off the network.

This does not effect an IPAD or an IPhone that is not upgraded to the new OS 4.0. This also does not effect an IPhone that connects to a SSID that does not redirect to a sign in page.

Any help that anyone can give for this, or if you need any more information.



Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), I5 4GB
  • zxylene Level 1 Level 1
    I am having this same problem with my IPAD trying to connect to Cisco WLC guest access. I have a friend at work that has an IPAD with the same settings that can login with no problems. Mine freezes on Safari after entering user name and password and clicking accept. Any resolution or Ideas?
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    I also ran into this problem. After doing some research I found that turning off Safari AutoFill resolves the issue.
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    @Jacobt777   Thank you so much.  Your solution took me about two seconds and the problem is fixed.


    Should have checked this forum an hour ago when I was about ready to throw the phone against the wall, but i love my iphone too much.