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I have had my iphone 4 for about three weeks, and last night I tried to plug it in to a computer to charge. The charge icon in the battery does not come on, and the phone charges extremely slow. Over 12 hours, it went up 30%.

Has anyone seen this before, and what shoud I do? I do not have a Apple retail store close, so If I do ended up needing to send it in, I will be without a phone for atleast a week.

I did contact Apple support, and they want me to restore the phone, but I will lose all of my contacts (I did not sync my phone after adding contacts). They did say that they think I can back up my contacts wirelessly with my gmail account, but I cannot find any information on how to do this.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

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    have you tried charging it through the outlet?
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    Mac or Windows?

    Contacts are designed to be synced with a supported address book application on your computer.

    Any difference when connected to the power adaptor?

    Do you have another USB dock connector cable available to rule out a problem with the cable shipped with your iPhone?

    You can pay $29 for expedited delivery for an exchange under warranty - the exchange is shipped to you in advance and you use the same box to return your existing iPhone. This is free with the AppleCare extended warranty.
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    Does nothing show up, or does the message that it is not charging show up?

    What it sounds like is that your USB port is severely underpowered, which is why nothing may be showing up, but it's still charging SLOWLY.

    I would recommend seeing if your MoBo (motherboard) has a BIOS update, or get an outlet to USB charger.
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    So I have tried multiple docking cords, all with the same results. I have tried three different PCs, and one Mac. I have also tried two different docking chargers. On the docking chargers, the device realizes that it is hooked to something, the phone shows on the screen "this device is not optimized for use on this phone." I have plugged in the phone to the Apple wall charger that came with the phone, same result- very slow charge.

    I just tried to call Apple support, but they are closed. Guess I will try tomorrow.

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    Also, the phone does nothing when plugged in- it does not say it is not charging, it just chooses not to do anything.
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    Then most likely you have a hardware defects, probably the circuit inside is the problem. Definitely call Apple Care and have them replace your iphone.
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    jarrod7219 wrote:
    Also, the phone does nothing when plugged in- it does not say it is not charging, it just chooses not to do anything.

    If you have tried more than one computer and the wall outlet does not work;
    it's either the cable or the phone. If you have tried a different usb cable then the phone is probably defective.
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    Mine started doing the same thing. I had my old iphone 3 gs cable and receptacle and it worked .
    So try that or if you have a friend try his charger. It should work.
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    I would try using a can of compressed air and blowing out any dust or debris in the sync cable port at the bottom of the phone before I tried to get it replaced.

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    How many devices are you trying to charge at once?

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    So I ended up with a new phone.