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So I welcomed iTunes 9 on my computer and iOS4 on my music player (latter to a great commonly known regret). Now here is my question:

What is the "Apple Application Support" and why iTunes 9 must have it to run?

(Note: Normally many software products there have optional modules which one may wish or may not wish to install depending on required functionality.)

P.S. I did my Google "homework", so please kindly advise here substantively.

Windows 7
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    Still looking for info. Plz comment.

    It feels like this kind of products (while sexy and white) jam the expensive computer RAM for no reason.

    There must be a reason for Apple to be creating all these RAM-memory-hungry-always-running-in-your-PC-background iTunes Helper, Apple Mobile Device Helper, etc.. besides sabotagiang performance of PC's. (:
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    See the second half of the following user tip for some information about what Apple Application Support is:

    [iTunes for Windows, QuickTime, and Apple Application Support|http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2355263]

    The MobileMe Control Panel for Windows also uses Apple Application Support nowadays, as per:

    [MobileMe: "CoreFoundation.dll was not found" or " Apple Application Support is missing" alert|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2211]
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    Thank you, b noir! Not that I am happy with how Apple designed their software that clutters my RAM, but your response is HELPFUL and ANSWERS my question!