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Daniel Kaplan Level 1 (55 points)
When adjusting things like font tracking in Keynote, one has to go several layers deep in the Format menu each time, and each time one gets only a tiny change. Thus in such a circumstance, one typically needs to redo this cumbersome process over and over to get a piece of text to look right.

Why doesn’t "Redo" work? In such a circumstance it is grayed out in the Edit menu.

What it should do is apply the same font change again, so that one can shift-cmd-Z as many times as necessary to obtain the desired tracking.

This issue is of course more general than just font tracking - it applies to e.g. font baseline as well.

Can Apple make this change?

In the mean time, is there a good workaround?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • Moich Level 2 (475 points)
    Fair point.
    A work around would be to set styles in the slide Master. That would work for tracking at least once you've got the style established.
    Another is to set a keyboard short cut for tighten and loosen in System Preferences.
    Open System preferences in and choose Keyboard - keyboard shortcuts

    Add application, other, keynote.
    Add one shortcut for tighten and one for loosen.


    Hope this helps.