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Andrea Bondi Level 1 (0 points)
I like very much The ipad,and i use IT everywere is possible:from browsing The web to writing emails,from playing games to listening to music.
But there's a big problem:i can't read multi-page tiff that I use very much within my enterprise.
I can only read The first page of these files,other pages seems to not exist.
I've made many tries:installing readdle docs and other applications didn't solve The problem (also these applications showed only The first page) and both mail application and gmail browser client show a question mark as attached file in preview, i can download this as image but still I can only see The first page.

Did anybody managed to solve The problem? Google didn't...
Thank you very much!


IPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • ricpiga Level 1 (0 points)
    +1 for the request.
  • apple4ever Level 2 (375 points)
    Have you installed the latest firmware 3.2.2? That should solve the issue.
    Check it here "Settings - General - About" and about half way down you see "Version"

    enjoy your magic machine
  • Good Apple Level 1 (0 points)
    I ve had firmw 3.2.2, but it is not able to view the other pages even if I save it as a photo on the iPad.
    Any more tips?
  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,241 points)
    What are you using the multi-page tiff files for? Perhaps there is a different solution.
  • Akkushark Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem, i use it to get fax as a tif on my I Pad to read it in the car. Sometimes i get 20 Pages in 1 Mail.
    Other Employers use the Blackberry, and can read the tiff's. There is no other option - only tiff. I have test it with PDF Reader Pro, but it doesent work with the mail and attachment together.
  • nickposh Level 1 (0 points)
    I too would like a solution to viewing multi-page .tif on the iPad/iPhone. The .tif format is standard to my govt. agency and will not be changed for quite a while. Microsoft Document Imaging is used to scan, and Laserfiche is used for storage. I hate having to convert the docs to .pdf format before sending to iPhone. It would be nice to immediately access the files in the field. I'm delaying buying the iPad until I can view multipage .tifs on the device.
  • danigswi Level 1 (0 points)
    this is a huge issue for me too.

    Until a couple of weeks ago, I was at least able to view multiple page tiff on the iphone, ipad stored on google docs, using Safari and the preview feature in Google DOcs...
    It seems google docs does not allow this type of preview anymore...

    Things are getting worse instead of better...
  • fausto med Level 1 (0 points)
    The problem is to be ABLE TO SEE A FAX ON EMAIL, very important point for business mobility, that is not still possible because IPAD do not allows to see the multipage tiff format. Usually it is possible to see only the first page and one cannot read the other pages of the fax. Should be available an apps that allows the download of the email attachment, the storage and even the renaming of the file for archiving purposes. Anybody have a solution? Many people I think are waiting the Apple to find a solution for this problem.
    Thank You

  • craigyj Level 1 (0 points)
    we use sbs2003 which is a common server for many businesses. the microsoft fax console automatically uses .tiff files to email faxes. there is no way that I know of to convert it to pdf or other format. This is a huge problem - same for iphone. The problem is to be ABLE TO SEE A FAX ON EMAIL, Cant believe that nobody has a solution yet!!! There must be a work around that I am not aware of. Help!
  • MrIntl Level 1 (0 points)
    +1 My iPhone and iPad both have this issue. All of my faxes come in as .tif files. There are even times where I can't view the first page of the file, much less the additional pages. This is an integral part of my business, yet my iPad and iPhone are sorely lacking in the ability to see these files. Should be like my Mac mail app where I can actually see the attachment and open with a 'Preview' like program.
  • Shaana Level 1 (0 points) work involves going through files that come in tiff format or .pdf format. is there a solution yet to be able to read tiff files on ipad or iphone(especially multiple pages tiff files).
    Without a solution to be able to read tiff files..ipad will certainly not be a handy gadget for me. Any solution to this please?
  • johnmci Level 1 (0 points)
  • craigyj Level 1 (0 points)
    That is no solution. Just trying to sell an app. If u can't view the first page of the fax- which is often the case the app does not work. Why has apple not addressed this huge flaw???
  • johnmci Level 1 (0 points)
    Actually as the author of Fax Reader we opened a official problem/engineering report with Apple about the issue, and were advised the Mail engineering team actually DID NOT have any trouble tickets open in how Mail deals with TIFF documents. They must be deaf? Given that maybe someday they will offer a FIX based on our paid for engineering ticket. But you are welcome to wait forever? for them to offer up a fix. Good luck with that decision, your lawyer might offer up a one of these stupid document and charge you $4.95 a page for the offer. PDF ? Ya we've an app TOO for that!
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