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The 'Always open folders in a new window' check box in my Finder Preferences doesn't seem to do anything. I would much prefer to just have ONE folder open at a time, but whether or not I 'tick' this box I always get multiple folders on top of each other. A quick 'apple w' gets rid of them so its no great problem, but I've worked on other iMacs where this doesn't happen.

Any ideas?


24in iMac - 2gb SDRAM, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    From your Finder Menu click Go/Home. Then open the Library folder, then the Preferences folder.

    Move the com.apple.Finder.plist file to the Trash and see if that makes a difference.

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    I thought it may have worked because the first folder I opened (after 'trashing' that file) was viewed as 'icons'. As soon as I chose 'view as list', subsequent folders were on top of each other.

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    Create a new admin user account, log into it, disable that setting, and see if the problem persists.
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    Hi B,

    Strange issue, here if I choose to open folders in new I double click over any folder using Icon, Column, List or Cover View and folders open in a new Finder's Window, if I choose not to open folders in new window I double click and the same window is used to display contents in any View option.

    More strange is that some days ago I made a presentation where folders were opening in new windows and should not, now I just made this test so I could post results here and settings were followed, different from this presentation day.

    Good luck.
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    Will I be able to access all my files from the previous 'user account'?

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    No. But that's not the point of this drill.