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Have any of you guys successfully deployed iPads in the workplace yet?

If so, I need your help determining the best way to get them in the hands of my users configured and ready to go. I can't seem to figure out a way for a Help Desk person to configure the iPads at work using 1 iTunes account and having the applications stick with that iPad once it's synced at home with the users personnel iTunes account. I did stumble on the "iPad configuration utility" and love how it will at least let me control passwords and secure SSID, but I didn't see how I can attach application purchased from the App Store to a config file (If you can please let me know). So this is where my issue starts... The current step the Help Desk tech takes to setup the iPad is he/she installs the profile created by the config utility and adds WYSE Pocket Cloud to the iPad from the app store. Once that is completed the iPad is good to go until the user takes it home and wants to sync it up to their iTunes account.

iTunes say it's synced with another iTunes library. An iPad can only be synced with only one iTunes library at a time.

So once the end user get the warning and "erases and sync" and they say "OK" their enterprise configured iPad it's basically useless when they bring it into work the next day.

Some background... We plan on buying them and then giving them out to some users, we don't plan on locking them down with the config utility so they will be able to sync with their home iTunes account.

Yes, it would be much easier if we loaded the applications they need and totally locked the thing down, but it's not going to happen so I need to think of the easiest way to manage these things.

My only thought was have the users meet a Tech and have the user login to their iTunes account and authorize that PC, buy the apps they need, load the config, sync up, and then once they leave de-authorize the iTunes so the next user can sync up. Once the user gets home they can sync up their stuff and iTunes already recognizes the iPad and will not want to erase. It will transfer their purchases and everything should be OK. They will also have a backup on theirs side.... Thought????


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    So it looks like one thing you are trying to avoid is linking the iPad with an iTunes account at work. However, if iTunes is the only way to install Applications, then you get the issues you described.

    However, iTunes is not the only way to install Applications.

    Using iPhone Configuration Utility you can download and manually install applications onto a USB connected iPad or iPhone. I do NOT know if those applications will be removed when the user takes the device home and sync's it, but if all you are trying to do is get certain applications on there, this might work.

    So, download the .apps you want on the iPads. Plug them into the Mac you use iPhone Config Utility from. Drag the apps into the Applications area of that tool. Highlight the USB connected iOS device, and any the apps you dragged in will be manually installable into the device.

    Give it a shot. I'd put a payload in the profile to enforce encrypted backups too if users are going to sync at home and have corporate data on the iOS device.
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    Thanks for the info...

    You mention drag the applications into the applications area of the tool. Where am I dragging the apps from? Also, I'm familiar with the tool using XP, but haven't really used t on a MAC yet since I do not have snow leopard and it required for 3.0 tool. Do you get this app drag feature with the MAC version?

    What you're saying makes sense, but I'm not visualizing or getting how to exactly get the apps and drag them to the tool....Thanks
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    Does anyone want to share their deployment plan/process?
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    This is how we are doing it. I have a workstation Windows 7 with Itunes and Iphone configuration Utility 3.1 (ICU) installed. My shortcut to Itunes is "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /SetPreInt StoreActivationMode 1
    This puts it into Store Mode so it doesn't sync with any of my data or accounts. Currently I'm not syncing Apps, so not much help in that respect.

    1. open Ituns with Storemode link.
    2. Create\load Configuration Profile in ICU, I have VPN, Web clips, Pin requirements, WIFI settings.
    3. plug in IPad/Iphone
    4. Itunes pops up says something about not being able to connect, don't care.
    5. In ICU, select the Device, install profile. (ICU also logs all the devices info, very handy to have)
    6. Hand device to user so they can type their Exchange email/username/passwords.

    your done. It's up to users to to configure their own Itunes accounts and such.
    I'm probably going to have my Profile out on a website and SMS text the link when a remote users needs to wipe or rebuild a device. I'm currently not doing that.

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    hi. this sounds nice.

    BUT, are you also able yo prefill app?

    I'm look on how to prefill ad hoc app without swap at first user sync.

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    Good ideas, Kristofer, thanks for the post. I am going to use some of these in my iPad rollout.
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    When the user connects the ipad to their home itunes tell them not to erase and sync. tell them to use the "manage manually" option. Then their ipad can be connected to their home account, but they will not be able to sync. They can drag and drop items on to the iPad.
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    There's a new answer to this problem: mobile app stores for the enterprise.
    Ondeego does one that's gaining traction.

    Disclaimer: we work with Ondeego but I really do recommend giving them a look.
    Someone more neutral can come back and comment but I am totally convinced of the enterprise app store model for app distribution and management.
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    Isn't Ondeego for internally developed Apps?