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i use windows 7 on a normal computer (not a mac).
i have brought a wired apple keyboard for it, it works fine for typeing but when it comes to the buttons for pause music, open disc drive, brightness etc, they dont work.
how do i get them working??

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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,

    these 'sepcial' features of Apple keyboards only work when the appropriate drivers are installed.
    And therein lies the culprit.

    The downloadable driver package update (BootCamp Drivers 3.1) usually only installs when the Driver version 3.0 is already installed.
    But the 3.0 drivers are only avaiable on a Mc OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard install DVD.

    Haven't tried it myself, but maybe you can extract/access the keyboard driver from the 3.1 update package by hand.
    After all the package is an self-extracting .exe file, so using something like 7Zip should give you access to the archive.