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Okay. I thought I had this down but now I am not sure.

ATV is up to date as well as iTunes. Connected via wired 1giga network.

I am only syncing some music and photos on to the ATV. I have deselected the "only show sync'd" or whatever it says on my ATV. With iTunes running I see all my movies, TV shows, other playlist, etc. However, if my wife buys a song and adds it to an iTunes playlist (one that is not sync'd but streamed) it doesn't show up on that playlist on the ATV until I initiate a sync. That just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe this is by design and then I guess I can live with it, not that it is right. FYI, I have started from scratch on the ATV with reseting to factory defaults, etc. No change.

Any input? Is that how it is supposed to work or just one of those small but sometimes annoying frustrations with ATV.

2010 MBP 17" i5 4gigs, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Check Preferences>AppleTV

    Is 'Prevent AppleTVs from syncing automatically' selected?
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    Mac OS X
    Wunderboy wrote:
    ......... it doesn't show up on that playlist on the ATV until I initiate a sync. That just doesn't make sense to me.........

    Yes that's how it's supposed to work. The iTunes library is actually a rather small file that is nothing other than a database and will let the tv know where the original media files are. When you add new content the file is updated.

    During a sync the tv copies that database to it's own hard drive. So if after new content is added to iTunes unless the database file is resynced it will not reflect any new additions made to your media since your last sync.

    Assuming you have not set your preferences to stop autosyncing then any new content added to iTunes that fits into your synced options will cause the tv to resync which will copy the new media to the tv and at the same time update the database.

    If the new media isn't part of your synced options you may need to manually initiate a sync or wait for one of the other events that causes the tv to update to occur.
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    Thanks for the responses...so I wasn't going crazy.