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hi, i'm having a problem with the volume on my Touch...the other day, the volume went nuts and started going up and down on its own (including the slide bar)...it's no longer doing that, but it's now stuck...i can slide the slide bar on the touch screen and move it, or use the volume button on the side (which still moves the slide bar on the screen), but the volume itself doesn't change unless i slide it all the way down, in which case the volume is completely muted...i havent reset or rebooted it yet because i've been reading here that other people have had problems with doing that...any ideas? thanks

iPod Touch 3G, iOS 4
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    I have heard no troubles nor experienced troubles restoring and that is definately the first thing you should try. Just plug it into itunes and hit restore. Or if it says you dont have the latest software on your ipod install the latest software that instead.
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    I had this problem when I had iOS 3.1.3. I adjusted the volume from the lock screen by double clicked the home button on the lock screen and it let me adjust the volume there. Then when I returned to the music app or with the buttons on the side the volume adjusted like normal.

    The volume was stuck at 50% and if I moved the slider on the screen the volume would change as long as my finger was still on the slider. Once I lifted my finger it would return to the previous 50% position.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks for the help, guys...i did the restore and updated the ipod, and the problem is somewhat solved...what happens now is if i turn it on from the off position and try to change the volume when the headphones are plugged in, the volume in the headphones doesnt change and isnt affected by either the slider or the volume button on the side, but if i use the button on the side, the volume from the speaker will go up and down, even with the headphones plugged in...if i take the headphones out and plug them back in, it seems to work OK...if i leave the iPod on in like hibernate mode, it'll be OK, but if i turn the power off and then back on, it's screwed up and i need to unplug the headphones again...has anyone else had a problem like this?