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You can connect an iMac 27-inch iMac with another 27 "and use it as a display monitor?

E' possibile collegare un iMac 27" ad un altro iMac 27", quindi utilizzarlo come monitor di visualizzazione?

iMac 27" 2,8 Ghz Quad, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    With Target Display mode, you can use your 27-inch iMac with Mac OS X as an external display. Connect any computer or other device with a Mini DisplayPort to your 27-inch iMac using a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable or using a converter that converts other electrical, video, and audio protocols from another source device to Mini DisplayPort compliant signals. (Cables and converters available separately.)

    To use a 27-inch iMac in Target Display mode with another computer as the source:

    Make sure both computers are turned on and awake.
    Connect a male-to-male Mini DisplayPort cable to the Mini DisplayPort on each computer. The 27-inch iMac will enter Target Display mode and display content from the source computer.
    Note: If you are connecting two 27-inch iMacs, connect a Mini DisplayPort cable to each computer and press Command + F2 on the 27-inch iMac keyboard that you will use as an external display.
    To leave Target Display mode, press Command + F2 on the keyboard of the 27-inch iMac that is in Target Display mode. To return to Target Display mode, press Command + F2 again.