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I bought a macbook about six months ago and all was working fine. But within the last 2 weeks my mac gets very hot after just a 30 mins use. When i have a couple of applications, mainly itunes, skype and a computer game running, at the same time, the cooler goes nuts and gets very noisy because the mac is getting so hot. When iv been using the mac for 3-4 hours in a row the mac freezes and the rainbow colored symbol appears. The only option i have is to hit the power button and restart the mac.

My mac is on a stable surface(a normal working desk), so there air have no problem circle around. The games i play is between 2-5 years old so it shouldnt be a problem for this computer to run the games.

anyone who has a idea what the problem could be?

thanks for your time

Macbook white, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi KimDenmark: Check out the Apple article below for possible solutions.


    Hope this helps
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    Hi Stedman

    thanks for your reply. i followed the guide while having the applications open and the activity monitor shows that the game is using between 70% and 80% CPU. But what i dont understand is that i could play that game on a computer that had much lower specification than my current Macbook

    regards kimdenmark
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    Elevate it, there are products that do that, allowing air to get underneath.

    If it is a Core iX those do run warmer.

    There was a bug in the design of software for OS X that would cause Nehalem Mac Pro even with 10.6.2 to spike up into temperatures that are on the verge of the thermal max, doing nothing but iTunes or other audio, and wasting a lot of processor cycles (thrashing).

    Summer heat? or started with 10.6.4? (in which case go back to earlier).

    The surface it is on doesn't allow heat to dissipate.