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Ok, so this has been happening for a while. It seems that when I am just on the internet surfing or just pretty much doing anything I get this "Swirling rainbow circle" like my computer is loading something. It is pretty random. You would think it would do it when I open something up. When it occurs, my computer is useless, can't do anything for about 25-45 seconds. I have tried to find information about it, but I have had no luck finding anything similar to my problem. If you have any information or a link to help that be great.

Thank you.

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    1. Have you tried a different browser?
    2. Are the sites you visit showing a lot of ads? They can take a long time to load if you have relatively slow Internet speed.
    3. Try creating a new user, log out of the troubled account and back in the new account. Any difference?
    4. Run Activity Monitor and see if any process is consuming a lot of horsepower.
    5. How full is your hard drive?

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    1. I have not tried a different browser. This happens even if I am not on the internet.
    2. I have really internet, and the sites I visit mainly are facebook and beatport. I go to the odd other one if I need to look something up.
    3. I have not tried creating a new user. I will get back to you when I do this.
    4. I have been watching my activity monitor a lot since this started happening, and nothing takes up more then it should. The highest % I have seen is 5%.
    5. It is pretty much empty. I got 500gb and I only used 142.51gb.

    Thanks for the effort joe, hopefully this will help you help me.
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    You're welcome Jeffery,

    You don't use anything with the name Norton attached to it, do you?

    While you're in Activity Monitor, click on the System Memory button and see what percentage of the pie chart is Green + Blue?

    Do you use iDisk for backing up files?


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    No norton.

    Pie Chart:

    Green is 35-40%
    Blue is about 20-25%
    Yellow is about 20%
    Red is about 15-20%

    I do not use I disk for backup. There isn't really anything on here that I need to keep except my music that I can throw on a flash drive. I have not reinstalled the operating system. I wish I did a backup when I first got this thing so I could just go back to that date.