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I recently moved and I'm looking at some of my options in terms of the set-up.

This is a thread to the related issue I am trying to resolve:


I have an older airport express that I haven't used in some time. I'm assuming it is wireless G on transmitting a signal but honestly not sure. What I"m wondering if I could use my existing airport/time capsule as my wireless router and use the airport express upstairs to extend the wireless network?

If I have the airport in wireless N mode only, will the airport express be able to send the signal out from there? I'm looking to just strengthen the signal upstairs and it doesn't need to be perfect but right now I have hardly any reach upstairs.


I-mac 24" 2.8ghs intel core 2 duo, 4gb sdram, 1tb hard drive, Ipad 3G 64GB, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 80 gb ipod,160gb classic,32gb ipod touch, Apple TV, 1tb Time Capsule