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I would like to change choice for syncing calender to "merge data." Current sync replace phone entries with computers.

Resetting sync history does not cause ITunes to ask for sync choices of contacts and calendar as Apple documentation suggest.

Any suggestions would be apprecited. Searched forums but could not find answer. Thanks.

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HP Media Center, Windows 7
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    As far as I know, there are no "choices". It sync both ways automatically.
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    I got the "choices" concept based upon information as follows from Apple documentation.

    "Reset Sync History
    If you find that some of your data syncs to your device but you see an unexpected number of changes or modifications, you may need to reset your sync history. This causes iTunes to prompt to Merge or Replace information on the device when you next attempt to sync your information. To reset your Sync History:

    Open iTunes.
    From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
    Click the Devices tab.
    Click the Reset Sync History button."

    If it merges by default, then perhaps I have a different problem. Still seeking advice. Thanks.
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    I have had the issue before, but a reset sync history solved it.

    Hope someone is able to help.
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    I am also struggling with this. Reset Sync History is not where Apple says it is. There is one in iSync, but that does not see my iPhone.