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Since a couple of days, iTunes doesn't detect my iPhone, nor my wife's one. When we plug an iPhone to the computer, iTunes freezes for a while, and when it starts working again, the iPhone is not detected. Windows detects the iPhone (it is recognized as a photo camera). I tried the following things :
- uninstalling and re-installing iTunes
- clearing the "temp" folder
- stopping and starting agin the Apple Mobile Device Service

I even tried restoring my iPhone (you never know...). iTunes didn't detect it when asked, in the installation process... I had to plug my iPhone to another computer (my laptop), which worked. But as my iPhone was first used with my desktop, it has to be used with this computer : it's impossible to sync it on the laptop.

My configuration :
Windows Vista on the Desktop
my iPhone is a 3G, which ran on the IOS 4 (or tried to, but it's another problem)
my wife's iPhone is a 3G-S, which had not been upgraded yet to the IOS 4

PC, Windows Vista
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    I have the same problem, ie iTunes did not detect my iPhone 3Gs after I upgraded to the latest iTunes 10. I have tried all the recommendations but to no avail.

    Anyone can assist? Thanks
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    Same deal here. I was able to sync is once but now it does not work which makes me wonder what I changed. I tried on my friends computer and it detected without any issue, so looks like it is only affecting a few computers. So maybe we have something in common which is causing this problem.

    I am using Win 7 (friends computer is also Win 7, so I dont thing this is the problem)
    Kaspersky internet security
    iTunes 10 (Synced only a few times)
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    I finally got mine to work.

    Can you guys confirm if you have seagate's or maxtor's external drive software running on your PC?
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    Mahesh - the simple fact of your question regarding an external drive, helped me put 2 and 2 together. I have just started using a 2TB WD USB hard drive to maintain back up's. I had turned the external drive off for some time as I was having CPU cooling problems and the auto archiving SW put a real load on the CPU. During this time iTunes and iPhone worked fine. To ensure this was the root cause, I shut the system down, removed the USB connection to the external drive and made sure to turn off the auto back up SW once booted up again. Like magic, removing the external drive allowed iTunes to recognize the iPhone and i am back in business. Thanks for the hint, my problem is SOLVED!