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I'm the developer of jPlayer, a plugin for jQuery and my recent testing a new laptop on Windows 7 Ultimate, Safari 5.0.1 found that the audio and video HTML5 elements do not work at all.

My plugin checks for the mediaElement.canPlayType() method and if it exists it then checks the suitable MIME types for compatibility. But that is just the fine details. Basically, the Safari 5.0.1 browser installed on Windows 7, without any of the audio or video support.

Testing on other sites around the web also showed that this install did not include those parts of the HTML5 spec. No idea why. I installed it off the apple/safari site and it is fully updated. Chrome 5, Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.6 all worked fine.
Example of other sites used to check:

By comparison, my old Windows XP machine works fine with Safari 5.0.1 and has had a version of safari installed on the machine since Safari 3.

Side note, the Mac versions of all the browsers work fine. Also the iPad emulator shows everything works.

Any ideas what went wrong with my install on Windows 7?

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Vaio F12S1E/B, Windows 7