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  • Peter Krug Level 1 Level 1
    I just got back from the Apple store where they gave me a new phone due to 5-6 shutoffs/freezes per day. When I went to set up the new phone, it asked me if i wanted to send info to apple to see how it was working. I clicked "details" and it opened a folder in Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Mobile Device/MyiPhone where it showed a list of all my crashes, both app-related and OS-related. Interestingly, alot of these crashes were called LowMemory.

    Maybe iOS 4 just needs tons of memory and Apple needs to change the software to stop the multitasking under low memory situations? Of course my replacement 3GS already had iOS4 on it, not iPhone3.1.3 <sigh>.
  • Peter Krug Level 1 Level 1
    I will say, though, I tried running without launching any apps except the iPod, and it still froze with a blank screen a few times, requireing a hard reset.
  • ChaozUT Level 1 Level 1
    I agree it does seem like an OS memory management issue to me, since it only shuts off if I have more than the bare minimum amount of different apps open. It also seems like a battery issue. Perhaps on 3GS when memory runs low the OS requests for more power than the battery can supply, which cause the shut down (similar to how a computer will shutdown if you have a graphics card or some other item that suddenly needs to draw more power than the power supply can supply). Just my guesses :/

    As for your blank screen, is it a freeze or just a shut down? If it is a freeze then it sounds like a different issue.
  • Peter Krug Level 1 Level 1
    well, so far so good with my replacement phone. I haven't had a shut down or auto-restart yet, it has been running since Saturday night. Of course I haven't really been taxing it much - while i did reinstall all my apps, i haven't been running the really intensive ones yet, like Fring or Stellarium.

    It is such a pain to restore as a new phone! But it is nice to have a functional phone!
  • Mel from NC Level 1 Level 1
    I also took my phone to the apple store, and was given a replacement. I have 4.0.2 on the phone, so it wants me to update to 4.1. NO WAY.
    I'm so relieved to have a properly working phone agagin!
  • nateinva Level 1 Level 1
    Were you still under Apple Care or did they agree to out of warranty replacement?
  • Peter Krug Level 1 Level 1
    I really do think this this RAM/processor related. I decided to give Stellarium a shot, and boy all **** broke loose. The app worked okay, but then I launched the iPod app and my music was stuttering. I brought up the multitask bar and quit the Stellarium app and things seemed to be better. But then I noticed that I had no service on my phone all day, no 3G, which is odd because I should get at least 20 emails during the day. Then I got to a place where i know i have great service, and I still had none. So I restarted the phone and I had 5 bars, 3G, etc. What was wierd is that i immediately got AIM messages from people that had tried to contact me during the day - they said I was online all day! Very strange - it was as if the software was blocking the iPhone's ability to recognize the signal or something.

    Apple really needs a specific iOS 4 update for 3GS that allows the multitasking to be optional on an app-by-app basis. Our processor can't handle it and i don't think there is enough ram in the 3GS to run memory hungry apps at the same time.
  • terryd Level 1 Level 1
    I've left my iphone ON, autolock never, with ipod playing music all day. It works, UM, Like it should. Huh. guess it's not a battery problem. AGAIN. is this some kind of autumnal equinox trick? I have apple stock, why are they doing this two years in a row?
  • ssarmazi Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same problem - random freeze/shutdowns regardless of battery strength remaining. Started literally the day after I upgraded to iOS4. Tried uninstalling many apps, restoring from backup...nothing worked. Finally went to the genius bar today, and was basically told 'too bad'. He tried to sell me a replacement unit for $229 CAD - or offered to give me a 3G at a discount. I told him that their OS upgrade basically rendered my iPhone useless, so I'm not interested in paying to fix their mistake.

    He also offered to replace my battery ("it's a much less expensive option, sir") and basically didn't listen to a word I said. So I'm going to do a complete restore and take it back to them in a week when there's enough freezes on the device for their diagnostics to pick it up and will try this all over again.

    Otherwise...Android here I come.
  • tedooley Level 1 Level 1
    Same here, after upgrading to 4.0 and above I get random reboots and shutdowns, usually when in the middle of doing something a bit intensive like using the camera, geocaching, games or GPS apps etc...and when the battery is below 50% it's completely unreliable making the phone useless. If 4.2 doesn't fix these issues I'm taking my business elsewhere. Not being able to downgrade is so frustrating, wasted time doing a backup/restore, then restore as new phone...issues still there! When the phone is plugged in, it's never crashed. Hardware? Software? Hard to tell, but it only started right after the 4.0 update.
  • xymarie4 Level 1 Level 1
    Having the exact same issue with my 3GS after loading the 4.1 update. When I get below 60%, the phone randomly shuts off leaving a shadow of whatever app I was in at the time. Has happened in maps, mail, checking Facebook and during game play (Bejeweled specifically). Wish there was a way to downgrade!! It's pretty pathetic that the "geniuses" are only happy to offer a solution if you have the latest and greatest products. Took my phone off the charger only 3 hrs ago, have sent and received only two text messages and somehow am already down to 92%. Fix it, Apple!!!
  • nateinva Level 1 Level 1
    I'm still having the same problems and unfortunately running 4.2 beta 2, this still isn't fixed so things are not looking good as far as a fix.

    Also as far as downgrading, I went all the way back to 3.1.3 and the problems were still there!

    When you downgrade, you cannot downgrade the baseband/modem firmware, which is where I feel like the problem lies. Other comments on here seem to echo this after trips to the Apple Store for evaluation.

    I'm at the point of filing a complaint with the BBB. In this case, if Apple won't address the issue (besides offering a replacement for $200), we should be allowed to downgrade both the firmware and baseband to it's previously working condition.

    If the recent updates caused all this and it isn't fix-able with a software update, we shouldn't be penalized for clicking the update button...period.

    I still have my 1st generation 4GB iPhone that is used every single day and is now more reliable and has better battery life (at 2.5 years old with lots of use) than my 3GS.
  • nateinva Level 1 Level 1
    My battery just jumped from 37% to 16% right in front of my eyes.....awesome!

    I love these new features Apple has passed along to us.

    (and before anyone asks, yes, have done it all - battery calibration, hard resets, DFU restore as new, etc.)

    Whatever keeps track of the battery seems completely out of whack. I seriously doubt that all of our batteries just went bad at the same time...
  • terryd Level 1 Level 1
    100 % behind u. I know what u mean.
  • omphteliba Level 1 Level 1
    same here. had the iphone 3gs at the german iphone service at t-coms. told me "there is nothing wrong", but the problem remains. i now have 2 external batteries and recharge whenever possible.

    till i found this thread i thought i mishandled the iphones battery. and even thought about replacing it.

    when will apple help us?!
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