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Just got my iphone 4 loving it. Rocking the 1st generation dock, that came with my old iPhone I think, for the iPhone classic. I thought it fit and audio comes through the line out thing, my iTunes stuff plays perfect through my phone, but I keep getting:"This accessory is not supported with iPhone".
Is this true or is something wrong?

iMac, Snow leopard
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    I am not sure about your dock, but I too have been getting this with my iPod-compatible accessories. My Klipsch iGroove dock/speakers won't work because of interference of the cellular signal and the speakers. I was also disappointed when my (2) Solios would not charge the phone
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    I don't understand why apple does this,but my bose radio says incomparable and my car stereo. They work perfect and apple sells bose on their site. Annoying message. lol
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    I will just ignore it I guess. I hear no cell phone interference against my iMac's external speakers
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    Rebought the ip4 last week and thought the universal dock would look great with it. Plugged it in and it fine. Play music while docking and thought it was a great music. This morning thought, the accessory not optimized for this phone message popped up and now there's no sound coming out of the phone while docking. Shut down and restate the phone with no luck. What am I doing wrong?
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    Oh yes the dock does that you need the aux jack to plug in behind right? Mine is silent without the aux jack
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    I also had same problem. when I plugged my iPhone 4 or iPod touch or any other iDevices on my universal dock (MB125G/C) this message "this accessory is not supported by..." appeared again and again. I already plugged the aux cable as mention, but didn't work. the remote also not working. does this mean my universal dock already broken down? I just used it about 3 or 4 months though
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    i'm in the same boat.
    i bought my iphone 4 last summer when it came out. i almost immediately got the universal dock for it so i could use the apple bumper on the phone & have it dockable.
    everything has been very uneventful until suddenly in february, this stupid message started popping up when i dock the phone. driving me crazy.
    much google'ing and can't figure out why nor how to get it to stop.
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    "This accessory is not supported with iPhone". Is this true or is something wrong?

    This is the oldest bug in iPhone. I have several iPhone devices that work perfectly. Yet, my iPhone will display the nag every 5 minutes.
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    I would say that this is likely the result of apples preference to manufacture things that are premium in nature.

    Case in point.  My apple g4 laptop is 20 years old, and still works.  My only problem with it is that if you pick it up with one hand it warps the motherboard, and detaches the video chip, crashing the laptop.  But the point of that is that it is a precision device.  IE like a precision piece of NASA equipment, the laptop must live on a flat surface, and not be subjected to warping.


    Now applying this concept to the iPhone 6... its .25" thick.  has a medium to large screen.  And does not heat up when playing YouTube videos for 8 hours wile charging with its native accessory.  But think about that.  to achieve that kind of performance with out heating up, the iPhone must be engineered to such an extent, as to make it sensitive to the power input.


    Incidentally, if I plug my iPhone 6 into a car charger, I bought at a gas station, and run YouTube, it heats up immensely... probably because it has to much current running into it.

    In answer to your original questions, I would say that your accessory is not providing enough power to your iPhone to safely charge it.


    other explanations might include an accessory that has a grounding problem, (the lady who electrocuted herself in china)

    or the accessory is affected by a floating ground ( the negative line is not at zero volts)/ (or the iPhone needs a negative connection that is floating, and your accessory provides a negative connection at zero volts...


    Personally I experienced this message on incompatibility, after my iPhone 6 was plugged into my pc for several house.  Incidentally that was how I learned that my work pc was having power issues... the USB power was dirty, which was causing unusual performance in the pc, and causing incompatibility with the phone.