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I have iCal events set up on my Mac Mini to give me a message only (no sound) a few days ahead of the event. iCal is synchronized with my iPod Touch, and the reminders for these events produce an alert sound, which I do not want, especially since the default time for the alert is midnight. I realize that I can turn off the iPod alert sounds, but then I will not get alerts for the events where I really want a sound (i.e. when I have asked for a message plus alarm sound in iCal).

Is there a way to turn off the iPod alert sound only when iCal does not call for an alert sound?

Failing that, is it possible to reset the iCal default alert time to a more civilized hour?

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPod Touch
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    Sure, To mute iCal on your iPod Touch do the following.

    Settings > Sounds > 'slide off' Calendar alerts.

    To keep alerts but for only specific events in in calendar on your iPod Touch do the following.

    Edit an event > Tap 'Alert' > Select None

    There is no way of getting the alert but muting the sound unless you wan to mute the sound on all alert which if you do i recommend the following, hope this helps.