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I recently installed a new battery in my iPod video. My previous battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than a couple songs. After installing the new battery, the same thing seems to be happening. Actually, even worse. Without the iPod charging, it won't turn on. Am I missing something, do I need to restore it? Can an iPod play without a battery? Is it charging off something else and the battery is still broke? I need it working in a few weeks for vacation. thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    When you plug it into your computer or another charging device and the iPod comes on, does the charging indicator indicate that the iPod is already fully charged (shows a plug rather than lightening bolt)?

    If it does then the problem is the iPod charging circuitry is not "seeing" the battery which means either the battery is an open circuit or the wires to the battery are broken or there is a problem with the charging circuitry itself. Since you just replaced the battery, my guess is it isn't the first two and more likely a problem with the iPod's charging circuitry (a component blown open).

    I don't suppose you have a meter of some sort of measure DC voltages do you?

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    The icon is always a lightning bolt, never the plug indicating fully charged.

    Could I have bent the new battery wiring too much and damaged it. It is rather "simple" in the you just slide the wiring between two gray things.

    I may have friends that have measuring devices, I can ask. What am I looking for?