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I have the DROID and would like to have my iCal on it...is there an app to do that or a way to get my iCal on my DROID?

Thanks for any and all suggestions and help.

PS Don't have iPhone because I can't stand AT&T's service. When Verizon get's the iPhone I will switch over, but till then...

G4 Quicksilver, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Check out the MissingSync from Mark & Space http://www.markspace.com/
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    The third part sync apps, in my opinion, are a waste of money. Snow Leopard builds in some really awesome sync services for outside servers. If you're using an Android, you have to love your gmail account first of all. Everything Android is synced this way. For your calendars, you will first need to make sure calendars are enabled on the Gmail side. Just login, choose calendars and settings and your good to go. On your Mac, go to iCal>System Prefs>Accounts>+ to add an account and choose Google as the account type (automatic screws up your sync). Login and Google calendars shows up in your calendar list on the left. There is support for multiple calendars, but they need to be created in Gmail. iCal recognizes these as Delegates. You'll enable Delegation in System Preferences for your Gmail account. Address Book works the same way, System Preferences>Accounts>Google and sign in.

    I have an Android (HTC Desire) and this method works great for me. Sync is virtually instantaneous.
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    I have already tried that and there is one exceedingly annoying issue. The delegates function creates a calendar group for every secondary calendar checked, so that every secondary calendar is in it's own group. This is annoying because when creating an appointment you can not change what calendar it is, you have to first click and highlight the calendar you wish to make an appointment in. Is this happening with you?
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    i have an android phone and a macbook pro. curently, beyond annoyed that there's no way to sync my ical directly to my phone. i have no desire to put my calendar on google for it to then sync to my phone. it's stupid. i had a blackberry before this and it was able to sync ical easily. why can't the android do the same. it's just very frustrating that google calendar seems to be the only option.
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    The calendar events sync find. It's the tasks that are a problem. Have you had success in syncing tasks? (the tasks are not showing up properly (or at all sometimes!) in ICal). Thanks.