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what happens now that my front screen + LCD is cracked ?
anyone know how much does Apple charge for this replacement ?

MacBook 2008 aluminum, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4
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    is this what you wanted to show me ?

    iPhone 4 Out-of-Warranty Service $199

    you mean they'll gonna do it for $199 no matter what's wrong ?
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    $199 for a 16gb out of warranty replacement (meaning its not covered by your warranty)

    i think their being nice with this since they don't have to give you a discounted phone because you broke it yourself
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    I don't see whats nice here, anywhere on the web they're doing it for under $150.

    what does "out of warranty" mean anyway ? I'm still on (limited) warranty, but I guess this doesn't count, does it ?
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    Out of Warranty means that either you broke your iphone or its not in the warranty period. Since the screen is broken, you broke your iphone, therefore its out of warranty.

    If you get someone to change the screen, other than apple, then the warranty on the phone will be void. SO if you go this route and have a problem with your iphone, then it will not be covered by your warranty
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    ok it makes sense to pay the extra $50 then. thanks
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    Well, I had a cracked / chipped screen as well due to my lovely bf dropping it lol. Some people had better luck and were able to get their phone replaced for free, maybe you could be one of them. I went in to see a an apple rep today and I wasn't soo lucky. Due to the phone being so new they told me they're not doing repairs so they gave me a new phone (I hope its new) of course for the price of 199.99 + tax where I live totaled up to 213.48. Good luck to you and hope this helps.
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    ah ! so getting a new one for the same money is better than having this one repaired. makes sense. thanks
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    Hey Folks,
    I have had great results in the past for my old 3G with this company -> Stores.ebay.com/iRepair-National . Right now their iPhone 4 screen repair service is on sale for $130, $70 less than Apple's "Its your fault you broke it' price. Hopefully I won't have any issues with breaking my new iPhone, but if I do and Apple doesn't extend the hand of benevolence I will definitely be hitting them up again