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I have an iPhone 4 and I am trying to import my HD footage I shot with the camera app and transfer it over to my hard drive using the Camera and Scanner Import Wizard on Windows XP.

I have not been able to successfully transfer over any files longer than 2 minutes in length. These files won't copy through the camera and scanner wizard, nor will they copy over using any non-standard software that allows me to copy files off the iPhone, such as iPhone Explorer.

I am at my wits end. I have tried rebooting the computer, rebooting the phone, removing device drivers, right clicking, left clicking, etc etc etc.

I can copy off files from this phone just fine if they're pictures or videos that are short. Anything I try to transfer at over 5 minutes in length will not copy over. It attempts to, but will ultimately time out and fail.

Any advice or help as to why it's doing this?

iPhone 4 16GB, iOS 4
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    Have you tried drag&drop via:
    My Computer, iphone, camera roll?
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    I'm having the same problem trying to get large videos off my phone onto my XP box.
    It seems I can drag and drop everything except for MOV files over 500MB.

    This is really frustrating and it's unbelievable how Apple could allow this crap to exist. I see I'm not the only one with this problem.

    Why doesn't sync actually SYNC photo and video from the phone onto the computer???
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    I had this exact same problem: I could not transfer video recorded with my iPhone 4 to a computer running Windows XP. I tried several times without success.

    Strangely, drag & drop worked like a charm. Have you tried that?
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    *Same Problem Here!!!!*

    Can copy over photos and short videos but the long ones get all the way to 100% and then time out. VERY frustrating!!! What good is the HD video if you can't get them off the phone!?!?!

    Apple --- *PLEASE HEL*P *! ! ! ! !*
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    I've also experienced the problem. But I was able to get some success with drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer instead of the Scanner and Camera Wizard.

    I also tried Picasa, mainly to get the pictures and video organized by date.

    But Picasa also had trouble with reading from the iPhone(4). It repeatedly gave me errors, such as that the destination might be full. Basically invalid errors.

    My work around: Sensing this was an iPhone problem instead of XP, and knowing Picasa and other software can read from flash drives as well as other cameras, I inserted a flash drive, used copy and paste to copy everything from the iPhone camera roll to the flash drive.

    Then, I used Picasa to "do it's thing" to import photos from the flash drive card. Everything was completel imported and organized as if there was never a problem.

    So the issue does seem to be the iPhone, or at least possibly the drivers on XP meant to work with the iPhone. My workaround seems to prove it's not the long videos. (I have a 5 minute video I editted with iMovie on the iPhone 4.)

    Someone mentioned a timeout. I can imagine the XP-iPhone-USB drivers having too short a timeout for completing a transfer, which needs to be modified for iPhone videos.