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Two days ago, i got a new MacBook, never had one before. I go to try to add my music from my iphone to itunes, it said that i had to update my itunes 9.2.1, i did. now when i sync my phone, it only syncs for like maybe ten seconds, and does nothing. i tried to go to the one on one site on apple, it had nothing that helped me.

So how can I get my music from my phone to my itunes on my mac?

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    You nee to move the music from your old computer to the new one.

    The iphone music sync is one way -computer to iphone.

    The exception is itunes purchases: Without syncing File>Transfer Purchases

    Just use your backup copy to move the music over, or the Apple store will do it for you, or you can call Apple support and they will help.
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    Hope someone can help...I recently bought a MacBook with the latest OS etc. I am replacing my SONY VAIO finally, and happy to do it.
    However I tried syncing my iphone yesterday and the only music synced was the last four songs of an album I bought about 4 or 5 days ago. None of my apps at all. The one answer I saw was that I had to move them from the old computer to this one. Not so easy, for me, when the last one is a Windows and not working very well ether. I also saw that the Apple Store could do it for me. If that is the case can anyone tell me how to do that?My first Mac and although I love it, I am still learning...not to try and out think it.
    Is there any way that is like "easy" to get the stuff off of the SONY and into this iTunes? I have the 3GS 4.1 update as well as the latest iTunes on both computers..
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    Call Apple Support and they will help you move everything over.

    Or you can call the local APple store and tell them that you have a new Mac and you would like them to help you move everything from your pc.
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    Thank you very much. It's not exactly new, bought it from my friend who has a fleet of them, [Apple Tech]...have all the disc's that come with it for Snow Leopard but I don't think they will buy that at Apple.
    However I do have the warranty on my iPhone, and purchased the extended warranty so they should help me anyway because it affects my iPhone.

    Now tell me how to give you the star points or whatever because you were certainly on the money with the answer and very quick.. I really appreciate it!