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So I've spent hours looking through forums and trying to find an answer for this. I'll try and be as specific as possible.

My wife's new (2months) 13" White MacBook has recently lost the ability to get an IP via DHCP from our university network. It gives the self assigned IP

My own MacBook Pro 13" can connect fine and all the network settings are identical on both machines. As are Firewall settings.

The weirdest thing and probably most interesting for ruling out all kinds of things is: if I use the DHCP IP address assigned to my MacBook Pro in the original MacBook(DHCP with Manual setting, after disconnecting the former of course) it connects instantly so there is no hardware issue here or other internet issues. (both machines can connect wirelessly to the internet with no issues.)

I have repaired permissions and zapped the PRAM to no effect.
I have deleted and recreated the *.alf.plist in /Library/Preferences, to no effect.

Basically what could prevent DHCP assigning an IP to one computer but having no problem with all other computers. I cannot get access to the router as this is a university network, but since other computers work fine it isn't a router issue.

I throw myself at the mercy of you mac gods.

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MacBook 13" 2010, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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