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    i did that and i restor it and then i ubdated it.

    i know the problem it's in the motherboard . but i don't know where !!

    (coze i toke the boar and but it in a working iphone , it did the same thing  ( speacker not working!!!)))

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    so , nobody knows !!

  • 00jawad00 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Go to settings > sounds and see the voice !!

    If that didn't work go to general then accessibility and see the hearing settings !

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    the same !!

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    I have the same problem but the speakers stopped working after I plugged it into an iHome

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    Thanks! I cleaned out the port on the bottom of the phone and dug out a bunch of pocket lint and now the sounds work .

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    Thanks - your solution was the one thsat worked for me. Many thanks again.

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    I had this same problem everyone else has had. One minute everything was great with my 4, the next none of my sounds would work from the speaker. Headphones worked fine. After resetting all my settings to factory (do not do this!!), it still didnt work. I finally took a Q-tip, stripped back 95% of the cotton, and inserted it into the headphone jack. I then gently rotated it in the bore. This totally fixed it! Everything works- Youtube vid sounds, game sounds, everything! Now back to restoring all my preferences (ringtones, alert tones etc.) Hope this helps guys, good luck!

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    I had a similar problem with my Iphone 4. Everything worked fine then i woke up one morning and only had sound if i got a call or had headphones plugged in. I tried cleaning all the ports as recommended but no luck. After reading through the posts here i remembered the day before i had used my phone to play music through my car stereo. I dont use an audio cable as my stereo has a usb jack on the front and it works with the charging cord for the phone. Well turns out i just unplugged the phone from the stereo when i got home without shutting down the music player on the phone. This apparently caused the phone to send audio to the dock port instead of the speakers. Hence my problem. I went to my truck plugged my phone in to the stereo played music and made sure to close everything down before unplugging it. Completely fixed the problem. I would imagine the principles are the same on docking stations etc. So a suggestion is do what i did. hook it up play something then make sure you close everything out before unplugging undocking etc. worked for me.

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    I've also tried all of the suggested fixes (except the jailbreak one), and most actually worked at one point or another.  Unfortunately the issue just keeps coming back.  The symptoms also vary.  One minute it works on the dock, but quits when it is removed and the next time the opposite may happen.  Shutting down a docked speaker before removing the phone works the best but it never lasts for long.  Other times it won't recogize that it is docked at all.  Clearly an audio output port issue (since Siri and the ringer always work) but all other audio output seems to get misdirected sometimes.  It seems to get confused as to when it is really docked or not.

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    I have discovered this problem occurs whenever I lose connection to a Bluetooth device while I am connected to a power source (never use a docking station!).  Somehow the phone thinks it is connected to a docking station when it is not, and diverts the sound away from the phone to what it thinks are speakers via the dock connector.  Normally the rectangle icon with the triangle embedded comes up and you can choose which device you want the the sound to go to ... but in this case it does not!  Not only is there no sound for things like music, radio stations, or any other app, but the phone itself will not ring!


    I have found that if I reconnect the Bluetooth device, the icon will appear and I can choose between iPhone and Bluetooth, which allows me to choose iPhone and I am back in business.


    It seems to me it is about time that Apple grab hold of this issue and do something!

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    Include as much detail as you can.

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    Hi Tom, it turns out I have have the speaker problem, and I tried the reconnect the Bluetooth thing, I got the triangle, I was able to select iPhone or device, but still not working, do you know other trick or just my speaker just died? I just don't want to take my iPhone to a service center.

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    ive had my iphone 4 since christmas and since i updated it to the newest update the speaker hasnt been working IF SOMEBODY KNOWS HOW TO REVERSE UPDATE IT OR SOMETHING YOU CAN HIT ME UP BECAUSE ITS SERIOUSLY MAKING ME SO MAD

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    Went to the Apple store, signed in (it was busy that day so you had to make an appointment to do anything), got my appointment, described my problem to the tech, and got a new phone under warranty that same day. The whole process only took a few hours.