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    Oh my god! This actually worked! Yay!!


    I hate to admit it but girls who out their phones in their bras...bad idea. You can deny all you want...but boobs do sweat. It just causes more problems. Thanks so much for this.

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    I just experienced the problem of the iphone 4 speakers not working ,but the phone ringer still works and headphones still worked when plugged in,this just happened after I spilt a glass of water on the table near the i phone ,just switch off ur iphone for 10 min. Nd rolled up a portion of a tissue and placed it in the head phone socket of the phone and it was damp when removed !! I repeated this a few times till the tissue was dry after that press near the speaker strongly 2-3 times now switch ur iphone and now the phone works properly as before, KEEP water away from these devices, hope this helps someone regards

    iphone 4, iOS 4


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    I had a similar problem, the speakers just stopped working during a video. After reading all of things I've found though I came across someone who pointed out that it's due to condensation in the headphone jack. I have no idea, how, or why... Just trying to help everyone else out. I took a piece of Kleenex and inserted it into the headphone jack, and sure enough , when it came out it was damp. My speakers started working instantly . Hope this helps !

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    Mines still will not work for some odd reason, please help!

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    My 4S speaker stopped working suddenly recently.  At first it was during speakerphone, but later in the day, music and videos had no sounds.  I did not subject the phone to humidity and I didn't drop it. I blew air into the charging connector opening as it looked a little dusty.  As I blew the sound came back. Maybe some debris was shorting out the speaker (the bottom right corner).

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    I'm also having trouble with my speakers. The ringer and tones work but music will not play. If I lock the phone and leave it for a few minutes then unlock it everything will work for a few minutes. Also not sure if its related but I replaced the battery a few days ago. Everything was working fine until the speaker problem so I replaced the speaker. Still having the issues with new speakers. I cleaned the charging port and battery connections and still no luck. Any ideas anyone?

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    After loads of messing around finally figured out how to fix this fault.


    The fault seems to be that something is grab your audio and won't let your music playback through it. The other thing was the ringer would work, Skype would work on loudspeaker but I couldn't play music or videos on

    Speaker and the volume buttons didn't seem to bring any display up showing an increase or decrease in volume.


    After deleting all the apps that use speaker I finally decided to go through and try and carry out some resets.


    I found that by establishing a phone call, putting it on loudspeaker and then closing the phone call but it still on loudspeaker everything came back. Music volume video volume keyboard clicks everything works perfectly let's just see how long it works for.

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    Not very long as it turns out :(

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    Ok so after much analysis I have figured this is definitely an IOS fault caused by the 7.1.1 update. It seems odd but I've only just worked out that these problems all seem to start shortly after that upgrade.

    The symptoms I have RS follows:

    Speaker works on telephone

    Speaker works on Skype

    Speaker works on Siri

    Speaker does not work for Videos

    Speaker does not work for music

    Keyboard clicks not audible

    Volume up and down buttons show a blank ringer icon

    Headset in and out is detected by phone so it's not as if the phone thinks the headset is plugged in


    Definitely a software fault

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    As one of the original members of this dialogue I can tell you that the actual problem is dust/dirt that enters the phone through the power receptacle ... I confirmed this with two phones at the Genius desk of the Apple Store, where they informally suggested it was part of the reason for changing to the new power source.  I agree, however, that the software should recognize the problem and provide a warning.

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    Definitely not a software problem as I am still on 6.1.3. I have to agree with TomGiske that it is a charging port issue although after thoroughly cleaning the port I had no luck. I've just learned that my device received minor water damage not thought to be a problem at the time.  I'm still waiting on the part to confirm but I'm confident this will resolve the problem.

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    Ok guys, I think you must have a similar problem with identical symptoms but a different cause. Mine is definitely a software issue and I've kind of proved and resolved it.


    Having tried all the suggestions in this thread to no avail I logged on to the support portal and went through the process of requesting support for the device. As part of the process the Apple page ran a 'diagnostic test' on my iphone and guess what, it all sprang in to life and now works. In my case at least this was not a hardware fault caused by fluff or condensation or the like.


    Soy suggestion is, try all the hardware fixes on this thread, if they don't work log on to the support portal at the top of the page and request device support, let it run a diagnostic and see what happens.


    Thanks for the input everyone

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    My I phone 4 had this quieting sound issue, nothing fixed it so apple sold me an I phone 5, now months later same exact issue. I've tried all cleaning remidies, etc... Including upgrading to IOS7 which has caused other problems including making SIRI loose her mind and is no longer any help.  My question is what Driod phone do you guys all go to when you are feed up with apples built in failures that cause you to join thier looping hardware re-purchase renewals? 


    This is for real - What better phone can anyone recommend??

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,065 points)

    This guy resolves the very few problems he has had and carries on enjoying the iPhone at no additional expense.


    Tell us again of your experience with the "quieting sound issue". You never know your luck.