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    Please use alcohol to clean the port where it is on the connector opening near the speaker area, there might be small piece of dust or metal blocked the connection. That's why it didn't have sound. My Iphone 4s stopped yesterday and I almost throw it away the phone. Drove me nuts. Please clean the whole connection opening and you should be fine.

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    Today I playing game and listening to at the same time

    by  headphones suddenly my music and sound stopped

    Suddenly then I didn;t payed attenuation to it  after 5 mintures

    i unplugged headphones I was not able hear any sound but when plugged

    i was able to hear sound and I gave ring bell to my phone it working

    please can some  tell me any solution

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    What you pressed

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    Hey guys,


    I have this same sort of problem, speaker only work occasionally, headphones work fine...


    Though when headphones are out, my phone is NOT in headphone mode, and it is NOT in speaker mode, it is sort of in between in 'limbo mode', i.e. when I use the +/- buttons on the side to turn the volume up or down, the phone simply does not react...


    But when I plug in the headphones it goes to headphone mode and works as it should...


    But not when the headphones are out...


    Tried the q-tip method, the toothpick method, the tissue method, the jack stick in and out many times method...


    still speaker only works occasionally


    it's as if some sensor in the jack stick is stuck, but apparently not 'just' the headphone sensor



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    I had a similar problem, the phone was briefly totally immersed in water. Happily, the only damage seemed to be that the phone's speaker was not working.

    It appears that, due to moisture, the phone 'thought' that headphones were attached, so it routed the audio output the headphone jack.

    It was then a matter of blowing out the moisture (using a hair dryers, being careful not to overheat the phone), and then, as suggested, twisting up a bit of tissue and running this around inside the headphone jack socket. After a bit of fiddling, the problem was cleared and the phone is now working perfectly once again. No more swimming for this phone

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