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    My phone is about 6 months new.

    You've got a 1 year warranty.

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    you are a genius! I have had this replacement phone for a week, and all of a sudden the speaker stopped working. I didn't think it had anything to do with condensation, but I tried the suggestion of the rolled up paper towel (didn't work), resetting iphone/wiping clean, and clearing the working memory (double tap the home button and then delete the apps). I even took it to the apple store and they didn't have any suggestions for me. So, I tried dempsterdavies advice and it worked. The only suggestion i would make to other people is that you may have to squeeze the phone hard for several times from front to back where the bottom right corner touch screen starts, near the speaker. Also, this was not a permanent fix. It started crackling and then the sound came on finally, and then several minutes later it turned off again. I squeezed it and it turned on again, but then it turned off. So, this is definitely a defect, and I am glad that I can stop worrying about if it was an app issue or technical phone issue, and get apple to replace my replacement phone. THANKS!!

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    I've had my Iphone 4 for almost 2 years now and all of a sudden today the speakers stopped working.  I tried everything and was getting close to wiping the phone to fresh start.  But then I came across this post and tried pushing ont he right bottom corner of the right speaker of the phone and the sound started working again then stopped after 1 min and me handling it.  I tried it again and it did not work.  I then preseted inbetween on the flat part inbetween the home button and the speaker on the face of the phone; and blam, it worked.  I had to mess with the pressure to get it to stay. 


    I'm worried wth happend to my phone and why this is happening to it.  I do not have any condensation problems with it, nor use my headset.


    But pressing on the bottom corner of the phone works.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    I just bought my iphone off of ebay, the seller swears it was in perfect condition when it was sent but sure enough when I started to use it the speakers weren't working and I would randomly get the same message you got. After reading all about the humidity, I'm guessing there must have been some moisture that got into the USB connector during shipping. I tried what you were saying, since it seems we had the same issue, but no luck. Any chance you could post a video showing how you did it? I'm just worried about having the pin around my connector, I don't want to break anything more than it might be.


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    Glad I found these posts...**** external speakers only worked for a few seconds on my new iPhone.  Squeezing the bottom right corner worked!!! Thanks to the advice here.  But only for awhile, then kicks out. Squeeze again and it comes back.  Kicks out, the squeeze comes back.... Not impressed to pay this much money to get this much trouble - phone is going back under warranty

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    I suddenly had this problem today with my 6 mo old iP4.  I restarted and used the trick someone suggested of plugging in the audio jack several times!  When that didn't work, I tried calling myself and moving the mute button a few times

    !  Nope that didn't work either!  I kept reading posts and trying each suggestion!  Finally I tried using my hair dryer !  I aimed into the hole where the jack goes for about 2 minutes!  Wolah!!  Bingo!  Then I started to think about how moisture could get in there!  I now believe it is because I live in the mountains where it is cold!  I use a lanyard and I wear my phone around my neck when I walk for exercise early on frosty mornings!  The cold likely caused the condensation when I went back into a heated space!  I had another problem associated with moisture and now I believe one of those cans of air or a hair dryer will be my iphone's best friend!  Thanks everyone for the ideas!

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    This has just made my day-cannot thank you enough!

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    Are you all talking about the regular speaker (The one that you put close to the ear while talking)?


    Or it's about the Speaker Phone speaker (that one at the bottom of the device)?

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    Wife's phone 4 speaker completely stopped working.  No ringing, button presses, hearing callers, nothing worked except thru earphones.   Squeezed the bottom corner like chang079 and previous posts mentioned and it worked.

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    One other thing that worked!  I was either pinching or blow drying my phone every day until I removed the soft rubberized case I had on it!  It hasn't happened now in about a month!  My theory is that it was also causing moisture condensation!  Oh well it worked!  Hope this helps someone else'

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    I've had this problem several times, usually when I've come back from a run and pulled the headphones out of my iPhone without pressing stop on the iPod.


    It happened again today, and no amount of sucking, blowing and shoving the jack in and out worked. Working on the moisture (sweat) line of enquiry I put the phone in the airing cupboard for an hour or so and low and behold it was fine again.


    A question to Apple though, this seems to be a fairly common problem affecting the 3/3S/4/4S, has it been recogised and why is there no official update/fix?

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    Had this same problem, and since Apple is no help with their product...found the ultimate a Droid and haven't had the speaker problem since!  Shame on Apple for not owning up to and fixing issues...

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    Thanks quickstr. I had the same problem as described and the tissue option worked immediately for me. I had been outside working in the garden and although the phone was in my top pocket and in a case, the hole for the headset jack is still exposed and must have got moisture in it when a rain shower went past. I had tied the hair dryer as I started reading from the top down and this didn't work, but may have with a bit more time.

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    There is only one speaker, what looks like a speaker on the right bottom is a microphone.

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    had no sound from Iphone only through head phones and then got onto this support site and thanks to one posting my problem was solved - hairdryer blown into the headphone jack and yureka all sound restored - a big thank you

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