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    I seem to have had the same problem. I was using a veeeery old ipod classic cable (I think) and it was only when I used my own iPhone 4 cable that the speaker sound returned.

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    I have this exact same problem- and for ME, it is what somebody else mentioned about using an old iphone charger. I took my phone out of the charger and the sound started working again

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    I encountered the same problem. My speaker was not working but only if I connect the headphone, the sounds came out. And luckily I found this discussion. I follow the suggestion to roll tissue into the headphone socket and it solve my problem. The sound came out like normal. Thank you very much..

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    hi everyone!


    so i went to apple yesterday and was told this could happen b/c it is a software problem, not hardware if the sound works with headphones and alarm/phone works, just not itunes with speaker, video sound, etc. i had tried the cleaning, blowing, headphones in and out before i went.


    i ended up wiping out my phone and voila, the sound came back. then i reinstalled all my apps again, and poof sound gone. since it is a software issue, i decided to delete the most recents apps i had downloaded before this problem began, and voila again: speaker sound is back!!


    it's worth a try for some of you. i guess some apps just have bugs and interfere with the sound system.


    good luck!

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    I have this exact problem, seems like a common one, I have tried everything suggested without any luck, I might have to end up claiming on my insurance ! Absolutely terrible timing ! Is there nothing else I can try !?  Getting desperate now, there is nothing else wrong with my phone, it's really starting to annoye this simple fault. James

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    The same thing happened to me. I don't know how it happened exactly, but one of my friends was playing with my phone (iPhone 4s) and when I took it from him, I got this problem. I tried different things, but nothing worked.


    By accident, I kept on pressing the ( - ) volume button and sound was back, so you might give this a try if you want.

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    My husbands Iphone started doing the exact same thing a few weeks ago, cutting in an out on sound, and then today nothing at all, had no sound from the speaker, I couldn't hear him talking on the phone, no ringer, no music, no screen clicks etc. The music worked fine through the headphone jack though.


    We tried the system restore, updating software, removing apps, blowing air into the jack, nothing worked. BUT squeezing the bottom right hand corner has worked for now. I had music playing and squeezed the corner, it crackled in and out a few times and then came good, but we'll be taking the phone back to the store on Saturday and they can replace it. I got my phone at the exact same time and haven't had any issues with it so far.


    So thank you to the poster who suggested it!

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    I tried many things in the past. Using a hair dryer, blowing the speakers, squeezing the corner and nothing worked. When I went to the store to get it replaced the and the lady at the store tried it the speaker started working. Nothing was wrong with the phone at the moment. She did a system restore and ereased everything i had in iphone. Then she gave the phone to me to try it and it stopped working, thankfully because i was going home with a broken phone. They replaced the phone by a refurbished one. It was not a new one but I a fully working phone.

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    Pressing the speaker corner hard (a bit above it almost at the edge of the actual screen) did the job

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    I tried most of the solutions here but non worked I thought maybe if I plugged the iPhone to the laptop hopefully it will be fixed, I just plugged the wire to the phone and the speaker worked without actually connecting it the laptop. Hope it works for you too :)

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    So I had the same problem - Speaker was not functioning as in no sounds, no alarms, no music - but the sound did work when I put my headphones in. So I did some troubleshooting on my own by doing the following:


    1.sticking my headphones in and out

    2.Restoring from backup

    3. turned on and off.


    Nothing worked, so I scheduled an appointment with a Genuis. Some genuis, he had me wipe out and restore to original settings (mind you this clears out the phone) luckily I am pretty tech savvy and backed up my phone before the appointment. 10 mins latet, at the end of the appointment, he told me that the next option would be to get a replacement at $150 - I declined and said I would think about it. My one year warranty had passed so no free exchange.


    Thought about it, googled and tried this video -

    Guess what? It WORKS. I did not even use a cotton swab.


    Solution: I took a tissue, swirled it to create a pointy tip and stuck it in the hole where the earplugs/headphone goes, and walla, it works. Some genuis....

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    Solution: I took a tissue, swirled it to create a pointy tip and stuck it in the hole where the earplugs/headphone goes, and walla, it works

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    Hi I've been having the same issue. I tried everything. Finally I went through all of my settings I realized my phone was in bluetooth mode! Hope this helps someone.

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    Problem solved!!


    Ok, so I'm psting again to say that I've got my speakers back to work. The problem was not related to software or hardware because I was able to hear the phone rings when someone calls me, and I was able to use siri with the speakers working (I was able to make the volume goes up and down). Other than that there was no sound at all from the speakers (e.g. like when I'm playing a game there is no sound from the speakers at all).


    Later on I figured out that the dock connection had some dust in it, so I just cleaned it and everything was back to normal.


    Hope this helps you.

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