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i cannot log into my youtube account on my ipod touch anymore. i've tried logging in on the internet browser and my computer and it works fine. it only when i try to log on to my account on the actual youtube app that it can't log on. all it says is "youtube unavaliable" and it dosn't log on to my account. i've also tried other accounts on the app itself and they have logged in to, but its just my main youtube account that won't log in anymore. i have looked through the help topics on youtube and apple and have found nothing of use. please help me solve my problem because it is very frustrating.


ipod touch 3rd gen, iPhone OS 3.1.3, youtube
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    Hello magnum,

    Yes this problem has been confirmed across the world. The iphone app is currently not working. I would suggest for the time being go to youtube.com-goes to mobile version on your ipod. The mobile version is actually much better than the iphone app because it has more of the features from the actual website(thumb's up, better quality,faster). Once you get to the mobile youtube site press the "+" button and add the page to your home screen. A nice youtube icon will appear and you can access your account just like you would do with the standard iphone app. Youtube is having problems evidently so just wait it out or start using the much better mobile version.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for the help James1231. i feel that the actual app is a bit easier for certain things on youtube but the online version isn't bad either. i am sure i can get used to using the online version for a while until the origional app is back up and running. i definitely like the "like" and all the other features that are on the online one. i never knew that you could use them on your ipod. so thanks for the help. and hopefully the problem for the app is solved soon.