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    Good to see, that i am not alone.

    Bad to see, that is a long time problem and no one reacts to this IMHO simple issue.


    I cannot use another provider and the most of our employees use Mac Mail or Outlook. Believe me guys, Outlook is even worse to user with IMAP support.


    Is there any other solution for this problem?

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    No Apple solution so far as I'm aware of.


    The first thing is to make sure as few emails as possible are in the top level "Inbox". Users need to have their email put into "sub-folders" per project or whatever catagories make sense..


    However, when sub-folders with lots of mails are opened the number of IMAP connections rises.


    It kind of kills the point of "smart mailboxes" as you end up having to maintain a fixed folder structure and possibly more mail filtering for those that can't be bothered to manually move their mail into sub-folders.


    The only way to kill the number of connections from the client end is to quit and start again.


    From the server side connections can be killed with a command that could be put into an automated cron job. However if the users need to access greater numbers of emails on a constant basis, then the problem will not be resolved.

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    i really cannot seriously tell all our employees to restart their mail-clients all the time


    neither i can tell my bosses to user thunderbird or anything else due to the fact, that they spend a lot of money in buying M$ Office licences


    In addition i do not have any access to the IMAP Server since its a hosted service.


    Since i am very new to this community, does no one from the Apple support team read or comment this kind of conversations?



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    I completely agree with you, it's quite ludicrous, but these seem to be the options.


    By the way just because it's a hosted service doesn't mean you can't have some sort of cron job running. Ask the provider. But really I don't find this to be an acceptable solution myself.


    I found the proceedure that gave best results was to get mail out of the Inbox. Keep it under 500 mails.


    Apple do check these posts sometimes but if you want to you can report a bug, I think many of us have done so, but as you can see, to no avail.

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    IMAP Idle command was working fine in Apple Mail (Goolge Apps) until the introduction of iCloud. After making some adjustments to the configuration of my Gmail accounts it's working fine again. The following screenshot should help you guys out (however, it's in Dutch )


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    Err, i4ict, not sure how those settings relate to limiting the number of IMAP connections to a server.


    If anything the option to keep drafts on the server might increase the number of IMAP connections.

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    You're right Timoto. I think I misread the original post. This would be the solution for the IDLE command not working anymore.


    Thanks for straightening this out!

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    In response to the "this affects my poor company"-type replies: Fact is, this is what you get for using free/discount email bundled with your cheap web hosting plan. Keep your web hosting, but move email to a real email host and these issues will be a thing of the past.


    Sure it would be nice if Apple would include an option to limit IMAP processes, but it's not likely going to happen and I don't see it being their responsibility. Hostgator's (and many other hosts) practice of counting negligeable IMAP processes against your simultaneous process count is weak, but really mail is just a free add-on to their discount web hosting. That's not Apple's problem.


    If email is important to your company, then it's worth more than the nothing you're probably paying for it.

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    @Rey Mo - why this disrespectful?


    It is not about "poor company" discussions!!


    Its about that we pay for something which does not work properly, apart from tons of spent hours in researching, trying things out, which are somehow documented standards and just do not work, because of that kind of software behaviour.


    I did not want this, but now we use Microsofts "office 365" services.

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    I was not being disrespectful. A bit blunt maybe, but only because some of the people posting here clearly need this wake-up call:


    If you have a business and email is important to it, then you are doing your company a disservice by using the free email hosting bundles with your discount web hosting. That's the real problem. Even if Apple changes Mail to let you limit IDLE IMAP processes, this would only serve to accomodate weak email hosting and there are still real reasons that the cheap/free email option is a poor decision for your business.


    We live in a time where constructive criticism is increasingly viewed as mean or disrespectful. I see that as a problem because I know that I'm not above criticism. Anyone who has ever run a business will at some point do something silly (like rely on a free email add-on to their discount hosting plan). If someone gives advice that helps correct a poor decision - even if it stings - a good business owner will have an "aha" moment and correct this ridiculous behavior, as you did by going to Office 365.

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    Just came across this while looking for a solution for my small office, I though I was going crazy for a moment.

    I am a one man show that just set his home studio and of course I went with the cheapest possible plan for hosting and the rest, only me for now, don't need anything more.

    IMAP connections is a big problem for me since I'm with Hostgator and after reading and trying different setting and email apps for the mac, I found the perfect solution, "Postbox", very nice email app that allows you set how many connections are open for IMAP, mine is set to 1 and problems are gone, Mail app keeps opening connections for cache purposes. Like someone mantioned is free and shouldn't be expecting much out of it.

    Postbox (on the App Store) is way better than the Mail app, plenty of more options, specially when it comes to IMAP. It is not free but you get a lot more control, better organized.

    I need to mention, I don't work for or have any relationship with Postbox or the authors of it, I just like it that much, and most of all, fixed my issue witht the Mail app and IMAP connections. Hope you guys find this helpfull.



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    Just another Mail user who is requesting that the Mac Mail techs do something to fix this issue.  PLEASE.


    I have spent two days trying to find a solution after setting up several websites and emails with HostGator, recently, only to have all the sites shut down when Mail is running.  Unchecking the "Idle" feature does nothing, as many have experienced.  As Pointm suggested Postbox as a good alternative and I'm looking into it now. Unfortunately, they don't have an iPhone or iPad version, yet, and I'm a fan of total integration. For the meantime, I'm having to split my hosting with two different services, one for the websites and the other for emails.  It's been a royal pain to have to do this, but I can't risk my sites shutting down.

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    Can anyone suggest a good alternative to using a shared host's e-mail services?


    I saw rackspace-email for $2/month.


    What do you guys use?

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    iKlive Networks (, custom hosting plans for everyone.

    Direct costumer service.


    The IMAP works fine with OSX/iOS clients no limitations taking websites down.

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    I have several clients who use the paid Gmail services and it's pretty solid, although it can get expensive if you have a lot of users.