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I have an iPhone 3G 8GB running iOS 4.0.1
I've read somewhere that there is a persistent wifi feature since iOS 4.0, but the wifi in my iPhone 3G doesn't stay connected when it goes to sleep. My Cellular Data is turned off.

I've read a chart as well with a feature checklist for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPod Touch 2nd/3rd Gen, and all of them has a check mark for Persistent Wifi.

Is there something that I'm missing to enable persistent wifi? Or is persistent wifi not available for iPhone 3G?

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    To utilize the wifi function properly on an iphone 3g with os 4.0 or greater, you must turn off 3g in the network settings and also turning off data roaming. Keep cellular data on. Any other combination of the network settings makes the wifi come and go. Your iphone 3g will go to sleep if you want your battery to last for more than an hour. The phone turns off the wifi connection just before sleep or right at sleep. Upon awakening the iphone 3g will turn the connection back on. If you have 3g and wifi turned on with os 4.02, it will flake out and not receive any data over the wifi connection and only on the 3g connection.
    If you don't want to get charged usage fees for bandwidth, I would turn off 3g and data roaming when utilizing wifi, basically your stuck with this workaround.
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    so for the wifi to be persistent even when in sleep mode, i have to have the combination: 3G-OFF, Roaming-OFF, CellularData-ON? did i get you right?

    though i dont want to use the network data coz we have wifi in the entire building. so as i understand you, if i make the combination 3G-OFF, Roaming-OFF, CellularData-OFF.. the persistent wifi wont work since you said any other combination besides the first one will make the wifi come and go...

    sigh. i thought the new Persistent Wifi feature from iOS 4 will be no hassle. all i wanted is for the wifi to stay connected even in sleep state. i wanted IM push alert and email push to work even when in sleep mode with wifi.
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    3g off
    data roaming off
    cellular data on.
    if you don't want wifi conection to turn off at all, turn autolock off,
    plug your phone into the charger, and leave it on, otherwise the phone will always turn off the wifi to save battery when it goes to sleep.
    I had to play around with the network settings to find this combination when using os4.02 with 3g iphone.
    If you need to have the phone sleep, wake it up and wait ten seconds, the wifi will turn back on and stay on with no problems.
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    though i think wifi will stay on if it's plugged in even if i have autolock enabled.

    anyway, im just playing with my 3G and really looking for new stuff 'coz it's getting boring. I'm thinking of getting a 3GS or iPhone 4. Im just after the speed. the 3G feels slow already. but thats another story

    thanks for the time hidef! appreciate it
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    Good luck