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Please bare with me, I'm not good with the computer lingo...

I have an ipod touch. My computer is running on windows 7.

I was using my ipod this evening and the pop up came up saying that I had 20% battery life left. So I plugged it in. As soon as I plugged it in, the screen went white. Now it's just a dull white, until you touch it and then it goes bright again. But it's still just white. The volume button doesn't do anything, the power button doesn't work either. It wont do anything.

I tried to get suggestions throught the tec. support, but it wont load on the website for some reason.

Please help!!

Ipod Touch, Windows 7
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    try the suggestions in this support article: _*Display shows white screen*_ .


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    Thank you. I set up a call last night, for them to call me this morning. I was just hoping to have this resolved sooner haha.

    Here is what the lady told me to do, and it worked, incase someone else has this issue.
    1. Plug your USB cord into the computer but NOT your ipod.
    2. Hold the sleep/wake button (on the top)as well as the home button
    3. When the screen flashes or goes solid black, let go of the sleep/wake button, but continue to hold the home button.
    4. Now plug the USB cord into the ipod as well, still holding that sleep wake button.
    5. A pop up should show on your computer, stating that apple has detected you want to restore to factory.
    6. When that appears, click ok, and then let go of your home button on the ipod.
    7. When it is finished, another screen will come up saying that an ipod has previously been used on the computer. Do you want to sync with that, or sync a new one. Sync new, even if it is the same ipod.
    8. Once that is done, you can sync all your old information back on.