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I turned on my Ipad this morning, and it seemed to be working just fine, except that there was a thick, pixilated grey bar right through my screen. I tried restarting it several times, but nothing changed. I connected it to power and it didn't go away. I haven't tried connecting it to my computer yet, as my computer is broken at the moment (not my fault, I'm just really unlucky) but I'm pretty sure this is a hardware problem, so that wouldn't help anyway. I haven't dropped my ipad, put it in heat or humidity, got water on it, put it in extreme cold or treated my ipad roughly. It stays in a case safely on my desk whenever its not in use. I have only had it for just over two months, so I am very annoyed that it has broken after such a short time. Anyone have any advice?

Ipad (not wifi)
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