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I have recently been experiencing what I believe to be memory issue with my iPhone 4….I am thinking they correlate to my updating to 4.0.2, but I can’ be certain. So here is the problem….I will be functioning within a App and it will “Express Exit”, the App will show on the Multitasking list and when I launch it, it starts where it left off…but immediately closes again. Once it starts happening with one, it happens with all…until I restart the phone. Once I restart the phone, I can operate normally for a little while…but depending my usage it may not last long(usually have to restart between 4 to 6 six times a day). I am very anal about leaving a bunch of stuff running in Multitasking, if I am not going to get right back in the App then I completely close it. I have downloaded the FreeMemory App and checked the amount of available memory when this behavior occurs and it is indeed very low(somewhere in the 40s). Also, as a test I have restarted the phone and immediately launched only the Free Memory app and my available memory constantly trickles down to the 40s and then the Free Memory App closes. Now, I know the Free Memory app is going to take some resources…but I don’t think it would explain that drastic of a drop. Is anyone else having similar issues? Tonight I plan to reset my phone back to factory settings and set everything up again…hoping I just have a glitch. I will post the results.

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    I'm having the exact issue you described since I updated to 4.0.2. I'm assuming it's a coding issue. Audio gets choppy and the apps close instantly. Ive had to force quit a lot of apps via the multitasking tray lately to get them to function properly.
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    See if you can isolate a particular app causing the problem.....

    Also could be corrupt photo files..
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    I noticed an overall issue with the OS, when texting and view rotation from portrait to landscape....also with Pocket Tunes.
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    It is not a multitasking list - it is a fast app switching and recently used apps list. All apps in the recently used apps list are not running in the background.

    The overwhelming majority of 3rd party apps will continue to be quit when leaving the app, but the app will be appear in the recently used apps list.

    Some apps such as games or with any app that a developer wants to make use of it will be in a suspended state with leaving the app so when returning to the app you can begin where you left off instead of having to begin from scratch. An app that has been suspended when leaving the app is not using any processor cycles but will continue to hold the RAM or memory it was using before leaving the app.

    Some apps such as a music streaming app or a GPS turn by turn voice navigation app that has been updated for iOS4 to make use of it will continue to run in the background when leaving the app.

    http://whenwillapple.com/blog/2010/04/19/iphone-os-4-multitasking-explained-agai n/