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I've had my iPhone 4 since 2nd July. Around two weeks ago, I started noticing that there is a delay of 1-2secs when pressing the home button/lock button and the lock screen appearing. I notice the delay everytime and it's quite irritating. If I don't use my iPhone for a couple of hours, the delay is lengthened to 3-4secs. I've done a restore, delay still present.

What should I do? I've only ever had one problem with an Apple product and that was a faulty 1st Gen iPod Touch which they agreed to replace over the phone.

13" MacBook 2.2Ghz/4GB/160, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4 16GB
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    Try a soft boot.....hold the power and home button simultaneously, until the Apple logo appears. If the swipe to shut down bar appears, keep holding until you see the logo and then let both buttons go and the phone will reboot. If that doesn't solve the problem, Apple will likely suggest you restore the phone as new, resynch your apps and if that doesn't work, then a Genius appointment at the Apple store is in your future.......
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    I tried a soft boot, still a delay. What do you mean by re-synch my apps? Isn't that what happens when you restore your iPhone?

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    OMG i just had the same problem last nite on my iphone4!!!!! it is driving me nuts. i've soft-booted it and seems like no difference. If i take it to apple, what can they do about it?

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    You'd have to re-synch your apps if you restore your phone as a new phone.......That's what Apple would suggest as your next step from the soft boot. And when you restore as new, your apps, contacts, etc., won't be there until you re-synch them.........
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    I'm taking my phone to the genius bar tomorrow, I'll tell you what happens.
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    What did they tell you at the Genius Bar? Mine started doing it a few days ago, thought it would fix itself but it hasn't....
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    I have a theory... Do you have a high res photo as your background? I noticed that since I started putting high res/memory intensive images as my background, it look a second or two to open up the lock screen. Then when i switched it to one of the default wallpapers, it didnt have the lag. Can any of you test this to see if thats the case?
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    Hi apologies for the late reply, the guy there who was really helpful exchanged it. New iP4 has hardly no delay now.
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    Yep. I have same problem since getting new iPhone 4 10 days ago.  Sometimes have to press home button 20 times before anything happens.  Also sometimes text freezes when typing a text and has just done whilst typing this post.  Just upgraded to 4.3.3 but doesn't seem to have made a difference. What's going on!? I use my phone for EVERYTHING in our house and have to send it in tomorrow and will be without it for a week!!!. Have to go back to my old nokia.  Nightmare!

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    Hi.. Thanks for your suggestion. It worked for me. I was using a high res photo as my home screen as well as lock screen. When i changed it with a pre-installed one, the delay disappears!