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I have been playing around with the connection kit and my dslr. I have figured out that the iPad has a limit on the filesize that is being imported. For example, my dslr gives me 3 types of quality for 720p HD video. It is rated by stars. 1 star is the lowest quality for 720p and goes up to 3 stars being the highest quality for 720p video shooting. The 3 star quality also means a larger filesize. I did a test the other day, where I shot 3 mins and 5 secs of video in all 3 quality levels and the file sizes ranged from 380mb to 800mbs. The 800mb file was not viewable in the iPad. It will probably sync to iphoto. The other 2 lower quality files were viewable in the photo app on the iPad.

So the question is what is the max video filesize that can be imported and viewable from the photo app? Is this documented anywhere?

Macbook White (2GHZ), Mac OS X (10.5.8)