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I have been playing around with the connection kit and my dslr. I have figured out that the iPad has a limit on the filesize that is being imported. For example, my dslr gives me 3 types of quality for 720p HD video. It is rated by stars. 1 star is the lowest quality for 720p and goes up to 3 stars being the highest quality for 720p video shooting. The 3 star quality also means a larger filesize. I did a test the other day, where I shot 3 mins and 5 secs of video in all 3 quality levels and the file sizes ranged from 380mb to 800mbs. The 800mb file was not viewable in the iPad. It will probably sync to iphoto. The other 2 lower quality files were viewable in the photo app on the iPad.

So the question is what is the max video filesize that can be imported and viewable from the photo app? Is this documented anywhere?

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    I would like to know this as well. This weekend I can test with my T2i since i can record 1080HD video on it. I know the iPad supports videos upwards of 1.7GB and I think 2GB if you load them on via iTunes. I will report back with my findings.
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    I just shot a 720P 2 star quality for 5mins 10secs.. filesize was 667mb... No problem being viewed on the iPad. I am using a Pentax K-X DSLR... Going to try 6mins.. but i am good at 5min clips... at 2 star rating... I would think i could get about 8mins at the lowest 720p setting... Let me know what your findings are with your T2i...
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    I'm not sure if there is a file size limit on the iPad… I guess it is rather the coding quality, what are the specifications for the different qualities (one to three stars)?

    Try to make a short movie (10 sec) and check with the iPad the three star file…

    enjoy your magic machine
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    I have recorded a 2 1/2 min video at 3 stars, and it can be viewed on the iPad. So this leads me to believe there Is a file size limit.
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    I have 2 gig 720p h.264 videos in the iPad.

    What exactly is the file format/codec are these videos? What camera are you using?
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    Hey David - Did you import that thru iTunes? The videos are AVI(Motion JPEG). The iPad supports it the video format. I have successfully imported up to a 700mb file before. Anything above that will still import, but you can not tap on it to view it like the other videos.

    I just sync'd my iPad with iPhoto and i was able to transfer the video to iPhoto and view it there.

    I am using the latest firmware. I am going to try to set up my nano to video record a gig and see if i can import that to my ipad.
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    Here is some info on the avi MJPEG video file:

    Apple OpenDML JPEG, 1280 × 720, Millions
    16-bit Integer (Little Endian), Mono, 32.000 kHz
    Data Rate is: 19.76 mbits/s

    I just imported a 1.91gb video i shot on my nano with no issues... So it could be something with either the way the 3 star records... Could my SDHC card have anything to do with how it writes the video file into memory? I wonder if I need to try a different card. I am going to try a longer than 5min video on 2 star and see if what i get...