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Aloha all!

I just bought a new iMac for use in a college computer lab. The line-item on the invoice reads IMAC CTO 21.5"/3.06/500GB/4670/SD.

I did with it what I do with all the machines running in there; namely, to clone the hard drive from a master machine. Otherwise, the installation of software and customization of accounts is literally a 3-day operation.

And now, after the cloning, the new machine won't boot. I've tried to reset the PRAM during power-up, but that doesn't work. I mean, I don't ever get a second "bong." The machine comes up to the Apple logo, but no spinny wheel underneath.

I assume the machine shipped with OS 10.6.x. The clone image is 10.5.8.

I need this machine running by Monday. Any suggestions?


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